Jackpot Junction!!

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  1. Boge
    I stumbled into a store today that was like a step back in time!! I was walking to another store when I passed a small sports shop that had a few colognes in the window. My curiousity piqued, I entered and.........gasped!!! I left with the following:

    1 bottle Versace L'Homme 3.2 oz. (vintage) $19.95

    2 bottles Lagerfeld 4.2 oz. KL Homme $24.95 a piece

    2 bottles Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme Concentrated (vintage) 1.7 oz. $19.95 a piece

    1 bottle Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui 2 oz. (vintage) $14.95

    1 bottle Givenchy Monsieur De Givenchy 3 1/3 oz. (vintage) $29.95

  2. PerfumeCollector
    Where, where????
  3. darren1
    holy crap. what did you leave behind??
  4. Boge
    Where? If I told you where the fish were bitin' then pretty soon there would be no more fish.

    I left plenty behind.................................for now.
  5. darren1
    c'mon, man! at least tell us what else is there?
  6. Boge
    OK, I went back today and got the following:

    The last Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui 2 oz. (vintage) again $14.95

    2 Azzaro Pour Homme EdT Intense 1.7 oz. One full - $24.95 & one 1/3 full for $5

    1 Hugo Boss Edt original (pre-No. 1 marked) 1.7 oz. $19.95

    1 Dior Eau Sauvage PH Deodorant spray (vintage) 3.4 oz. $19.95

    The also had some Byblos Uomo.

    That's it for the vintage stuff.
  7. bigsteve
    Please pick up another Azzaro and mail it to me. I'd be much obliged.
  8. Boge
    Steve, they only had these two Intense which as you know is damned hard to find w/o paying scalper prices on Ebay.

    I found another store today in a neighboring town and scored some more frags.
  9. darren1
    what did you bring home today?
  10. Boge
    1 DiorEau De Sauvage 1.7 oz. vintaqe sealed in the box $29.95

    2 Fendi Uomo EdT one 1.7 oz & one 0.85 oz. both Italian vintage. $40 & $12 respectively

    1 Joop Homme 2.5 oz. vintage $27.95 (last one he had and discovered on a whim)

    1 Romeo Gigli Per Uomo 3.4 oz. $23 (real underrated jewel at tail end of PH era IMO. Beautiful!!)

    The store where the latter was purchased had a few boxes of discontinued Homme de Grès as well. It's a strong chypre that is very good. I probably should have bought one for the collection., but as Shamu1 pointed out on his blog, it has been done better. I didn't see the price.
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