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  1. Derbyman
    I've pretty much ticked off my 'Wanted' list of powerhouse frags & old-school scents. All I'm left with is what I can't afford or what I can't get here in the UK! However, there are a few cheapies on the list which I've just never got around to buying. Just wondered which of these you guys would recommend that I buy next. Also, please tell me why you think they are collection worthy.

    Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve

    Avon Black Suede

    Jacques Bogart Signature

    Azzaro Onyx / Silver Black

    Zirh Ikon

    Remy Latour Cigar

    Puig Aqua Quorum

    I've never smelled any of these. Please let me have your thoughts. Cheers!
  2. bigsteve
    Only had Avon Black Suede. Nice scent for the money, but not great longevity, if that matters.
  3. dwrestle
    Pinuad Special Reserve is pretty much the best straight leather fragrance I have ever smelled. All it smells like is oiled leather. It has great longevity but no real silliage. It adds more leather to other leather fragrances too.

    Azzaro Onyx is freaking great. It is hard for me to describe it, but I think it is Azzaro's take on one of those black fragrances(Polo Black type stuff), but it's better than any of those in my opinion. It is very pleasant and very strong, and it does seem to have a little Azzaro PH smell to it too.

    Remmy Latour Cigar is a lot like Cuba Red, but more powerful. It is a very tobacco heavy green type of fragrane. I like it a lot.

    Aqua Quorum is pretty good but nothing special in my opinion. Some people say it smells just like Polo Sport, and I would agree with that. It is herbalish like Eternity, and it's a high quality fragrance for the price.
  4. PerfumeCollector
    To me, the best of that group is Ikon, it reminds me a lot of Witness and Visit, but is not as good as either, but its cheap price makes it worthwhile.
    Read my review here in basenotes.

    I like Cigar a lot too but not as much as Ikon. Actually that is the perfume I am wearing right this moment.
  5. darren1
    i would say special reserve. it smells alot more expensive than its actual price, whereas the others are priced accordingly or above their worth. to me. also, i think it smells better than the others on your list.
  6. Slayerized
    Get Special Reserve if you don't have to pay too much. I just got this one and the normal Clubman Pinaud aftershave for €25 altogether and it's worth having! (both)
    SR is indeed like oiled leather and some say it smells like you just oiled a saddle or a baseball glove. It has sillage imo, just splash enough on. It has that smooth cinnamon-leathery-amber smell which is very pleasant indeed!

    I also love AQ as you can see in my review I wrote about it. It has a little of many frags and is not original but it's dirt cheap and very versatile as it can be used always! It's like Polo Sport but without! the seaweed note. It smells really good!

    75ml of Zirh Ikon is here €9.99, so a must buy and it's good as PC described but has not much sillage as it's an incensy skin scent!

    Onyx is a must try first. I owned it but sold it as it wasn't my type of smell after all.

    Good luck!
  7. Derbyman
    Thanks guys - I like the sound of the Clubman Special Reserve - has anyone got any experience with or opinions on the Bogart?

    I've got a few Bogarts which I really like and hoped that the original 1975 one might be worth owning - It's only 12.00 or so over here.
  8. ericrico
    Hey Derbyman -

    Pinaud Special Reserve gets a lot of praise...and I love the original and its fougere/barbershop vibe with oakmoss, bright citrus and powdery jasmine. It warms well to the skin and lasts. So - I, too, am getting some of Special Reserve very soon (Amazon in the US has it for around $7 for 6oz.)

    Zirh Ikon is a stand-out scent for me. While it has a nice smoky incense note, I like the entire composition. The top notes are lemon, ginger, cardamom and the spicy heart has great clove and cinnamon. A true Woody Spicy with a nice incense that radiates throughout...incredible value. The base has nice cedar, patchouli (not too strong or head-shop, but connects well with the actual incense note), warm amber and a dry vetiver note. I love the bottle too - simple, no-nonsense, with a magnetic cap. Always a great spray. I have a 125 ml bottle that gets some serious use. I apply once and then re-layer the application to improve both longevity & projection. A neutral balm is helpful as well. This is one that I always spray on clothes. That really helps with both displaying the notes of the composition (on fabric) that are in there besides the incense (much more top/heart notes that last) and, again, projection & longevity. When this dries down on the skin, it is warm and alluring. My review here and on Fragrantica is detailed.

    Azzaro Onyx / Silver Black - I am rather neutral on this one. It is not a bad scent at all, but it doesn't show me anything original. A joke I had with our friend Slayer here was that Azzaro should market as a scent to smell good when you don't care about what you smell like. Sounds funny, but when you are indifferent and in a is the epitome of a grab, spray & go scent. Ironically, I bought it and smelled a single spray. It was good, but it sat in its tester box on my shelf for several months! Nothing bad, but I never felt compelled to wear it. I wouldn't even wear it around the house. And, it is one that I haven't reached for since Spring of last year. Bizarre, really - but it doesn't 'grab' me, so I don't 'grab' it, even though the first time I wore it, I got compliments and felt good. During the dry down though, it felt mainstream and very "common". This is not typical of me as scents usually 'speak' to me. Onyx sits there on the shelf, with no words to say. Strange as hell - LOL!

    I actually have a sample of the original Bogart by Jacques Bogart (Vintage) from a good friend, a fellow Basenoter. Released in 1975, this is a very early bottling and the juice I have smelled awesome (oakmoss in here is great). Very smooth and inviting. An aromatic fougere where there is nothing off. If you appreciate good, fresh aromatic fougeres with a nice bit of leather and a touch of soapiness - this is wonderful. Personally, I feel it smells great. While it can show as a bit dated in composition (as classic fougeres do), a timeless aroma of quality (in Vintage form). I like what most Bogart scents have to offer and this is no exception. Very good, mature and nice depth with the oakmoss and leather with the birch wood. I would get it for that price and not look back...or seek out Vintage juice.


  9. Slayerized

    Didn't even see it, lol
    I own Bogart 1975, 90ml!
    This is a very loud and heavy scent (old school with the same vibe as Paco Rabanne; see Shamu's review on Fragrantica!). Heavy green citrus powerhouse opening with geranium and spices and changes to a base with lots of oakmoss and leather! Very smooth, longlasting and above average sillage. If you like Paco Rabanne ph, Versace L'Homme, VC & Arpels PH or even Antaeus, good chance you'll dig this big time!
  10. bigsteve
    @ Derbyman..... I own and like 3 Bogarts: One Man Show, One Man Show Gold, and Bogart PH. I like the latter one best. Cherry pipe tobacco scent and good longevity.
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