List your favorite ASAQ,AO oils

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  1. abdulhakim
    I had qurashi blend He was of this color

  2. tahasyed
    Thanks for the clarification. Is the Usrat blend similar in color to the oil in the photo posted by AbdulHakim? It appears less green than what I recall the green Khalta to be.
  3. mustafa803

    here is a picture I took showing the green Alqurashi blend(left) and khaltat Usrat Alqurashi(right)

  4. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Anyone try AO's Sultan Al Atoor
  5. mustafa803
    Sultan Alotoor is a classic men's perfume. Many of the major Eastern perfume houses carry it. Sultan Alotoor and misk alwazir (both from hamil almusk) are the perfumes I use on a daily bases.

    I bought sultan alotoor twice from 2 different Arabian oud stores. The 2 bottles smelled very different from each other. One did smell similar to the classic sultan alotoor that I am used to. The other was just completely off. It was so bad I ended up spilling it because I had bought it from a far away city and i just couldn't go back to that city for return or exchange.

    I have also tried Sultan Alotoor from Hamil Almusk. They have 2 kinds. One of them is double the price of the other. I tend to buy the expensive one because it is just better in quality.

    I know ASAQ also sells it but i don't bother buying it from them because their prices are over inflated as usual. So I just stick with Hamil Almusk.
  6. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Ok thnx my wife surprised me and bought me AO Sultan Al Atour. It's in route. I'm worried, hope it's good...
  7. tahasyed
    @Mustafa, ah yes its the one on the left for sure, that I tried.
    It seems the one in AbdulHakim's pic is what is on the right in your pic.
  8. Nabeel
    Hello all this is my very 1st post and as a novice to the world of oud here is my list
    Misk gazelle (the black one)
    Misk kiswa
    Hajjar al aswad

    King fahd
    Oud al mubkhara
  9. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Welcome Nabeel
    How is Rawa Oil? And Misk Gazelle?
  10. Nabeel
    According to AO rawa is "A dry scent that elevates amber musk. An adventurous fragrance that is kind to the senses while suitably memorable." and to my surprise they have the perfume type listed as women

    base notes: sage, pepper, daffodil flower
    heart notes: rose, jasmine, lavender
    top notes: bergamot

    For misk gazelle i would refer to basenote member noogs description

    "It is quite animalic like the Ajmal but is less aggressive. It seems more refined and more floral than the Ajmal, a bit more reserved, but it is certainly not sweet."
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