Any Frankincense and or Myrrh chewers?

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  1. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Curious if im the only frank chewer on here.

    just never tried chewing Myrrh,is it good?
  2. edward t
    edward t
    I have some mastic gum from Greece that I have chewed on occasionally.
  3. tahasyed
    Haven't tried myrrh either, but frankincense yes for sure!
    Aluwwah's Yemeni frank was very suitable for chewing.
  4. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Hope will be back up and Simon is feeling betta' & betta'

    @edward t
    How is that Chios Mastic Gum to chew? would it be good paired with Frankincense to chew?
  5. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    This vendor told me Myrrh can be chewed with frank.
    He also has a great range of Frankincense
  6. lpp
    Thank you for posting that link.
    Yes, I chew frankincense sometimes - is it true that it should not be swallowed?
    Have done loads, so not that I'm dead yet, just interested!
  7. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    I was told you can ingest Maydi,Green,Yellow & Royal Hougary frankincense. But the others you can't. Myrhh is ok to chew. They say u can make tea with the types of frank I listed that can be ingested. So if u can melt it as tea and drink you can swallow :-)
    This site has a good info on the many types. These below are all can be chewed,or make tea out of them.
  8. lpp
    Thank you - mine's supposed to be edible.
    Looked at that site & some of them look very tempting! And in the U.K. too, we're lucky - might try the green one!
  9. russian adam
    russian adam
    i did not see that they got a shop , ooh , i will visit them =)
  10. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Yes their Frankincense Perfume oil sounds nice too. Shipping is not bad eiether
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