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  1. Trebor
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  2. Trebor
    El Salvador vetiver essential oil, Primavera

    Along with wild Indian and Indonesian vetiver, it's among my top three least preferred varieties of vetiver.

    The El Salvador is akin to the Sri Lankan variety but is missing a 'soul'. The same scent profile is very much evident but it's one-dimensional, more discreet and not as tenacious. It's almost as translucent as Haitian vetiver but not quite, and it's almost as unengaging as wild Indian vetiver but it does develop to a certain degree. In a nutshell, it's a vetiver oil that greatly underwhelms.

    While it's passable, the existence of Sri Lankan vetiver oil makes this one pretty much a redundant affair.
  3. margefromTN
    Trebor, this has NOT been my experience with the El Salvador Vetiver. What I have had, in the past has been far and away the DEEPEST Vetiver... a true 'base note'..lacking the light sweetness of, for example, the Haitian that we have. I loved blending with the El Salvador because it was posslbie to use much less in a blend to get the grounding depth that I was seeking. Now, I have been unable to acquire any of this particular distillation for several years. But it was a prize when I had it.
  4. Trebor

    That's very interesting to hear. Where did you get yours from?

    The El Salvador variety isn't an easy one to come across, so it could simply be a case of the Primavera oil not being the best specimen. As you well know, no two distillations (especially from different distillers) will yield exactly the same result.
  5. Trebor
    El Salvador vetiver essential oil, Eden Botanicals

    This is so much better than the one from Primavera.

    It’s somewhat earthier than the Haitian variety, while possessing damp vegetal nuances reminiscent of Ruh Khus. It certainly has an identifiable core and is satisfyingly rich, albeit quiet on the skin. In addition, any smokiness is relatively minuscule, with subtle doughy accents that infiltrate the vegetal greenness.

    After several moments, it evolves into something woodier but still retains some of its green properties. In some respects, it’s quite reminiscent of Indian vetiver absolute at this stage. However, unlike the absolute, its sombre woody aroma is smoother, better integrated and more alluring.

    Although it isn't as tenacious as other vetiver varieties, it’s still one of the better vetiver essential oils from Eden Botanicals.
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