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  1. alexwagner
    Hi all!

    Recently I've been exploring the Beckham line. I'd definitely put them in the 'discount' category. They are found everywhere and shortly after release they usually tank in price. Where I shop (Australia) the only frags priced below them are frags from the Lomani tier.

    My interest was piqued reading Turin's book when some were actually given positive reviews. Money has been tight lightly but nothing gets in the way of my fragrance hobby so I started looking around what could be had for cheap. Hope this helps people looking for something on the cheap and please chime in if you have any other experiences from the line which is getting quite large now (20+)

    David Beckham - Instinct: Lovely smelling natural vetiver let down by poor longevity.

    David Beckham - Intimately Beckham: Very nice tea like violet fougere. Again poor longevity.

    David Beckham - Homme: Impressive pepper and ginger top notes. Good longevity on this one!

    David Beckham - Urban Homme: Maurice Roucel creation. Synthetic sweet apple at the top with an amber and suede drydown. Great longevity on this one...great juice.

    David Beckham - Intimately Beckham (For Women): Bought this for my mother and it's a very competent white floral. Smells far above it's price point. Good longevity to boot!
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