's Pure Agarwood Sticks?

  1. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Anyone try these pure Agarwood sticks? Are they really nice?
  2. tahasyed
    Haven't tried AgarHarvest products, but looks like there are lots of 'agarwood only' (ignoring binder etc.) options here:
    I think that's what you're looking for?

    Don't know if they're still in business though.. Last time I ordered from them (around 2 years ago), I never received the package, nor did I hear back from them whenever I emailed them.
  3. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO

    Yea I've read a few stories about them stiffing customers :-(
    I try googling there's got to be more places than Scented Mountain and ecclestacy that have good quality Agarwood only sticks
    That smell the same as burning chips.
  4. masstika
    I Have tried both AgarHarvest, 5A chips not the incense stick which had a flat smell with no depth, young plantation wood that left me wanting for more, never bought it again. Maybe they have improved with time. Ecclestacy was much worse I got the sampler which had few sticks from every grade and all without exception were dreadful, damp and smokey. I have tried and Chronicled here and at for over a year and half my trials and purchases to find an alternate stick to Scented Mountains but have failed and meanwhile I have found that their products have improved in the 2 years that i have been buying from them, so if you come across something please do share with us.
  5. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Ok thnx I will if I do come across a high quality only Agarwood stick
  6. PEARL
    @masstika-yes, Scented Mountains higher grade sticks and cones give me a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive alternative for those times when I don't feel like mucking about with charcoal, the scent lingers nicely too.
  7. hbmscent
    I have been trying many products from Agarharvest and Scented moutain like oud oil and chips, I think the smell of agarharvest is great. And the stick is also feel very nice.

    Usually I mainly consider buy from the direct source rather than the trading. May be I will search more products again.
  8. russian adam
    russian adam
    thats good. which oil are you referring to ?
    how is it comparing to oils from ensar or agaraura ?
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