Japanese Incense in the UK

  1. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    Just so that members can see what we are up against in the UK. Here is a link to a company that announces itself as 'The largest supplier of Japanese incense in the UK' A Few other places offer a few Baieidos, Shoyeidos and Nippon Kodos.

  2. lpp
    Until the Huddler data returns, just updating this with Zen Minded (Ebay & Amazon) and Garuda Trading.
  3. SamathaJ1982
    Thanks for the suggestions guys!! i've found that Zen Minded actually have their own website now rather than on ebay, it seems they have a really good choice as well with some of Shoyeido's top lines (including one priced at 338! :-0), plus i like their little 'key note/mood' selectors, that allow you to browse depending on your mood or for example 'spice' as a keynote. anyway here's a link www.zenminded.uk

    Anyone got some recommendations as to which scents to try first?
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