Japanese Incense of the Day

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  1. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    Seeing as the forums have a sotd thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have an incense of the day thread on here. Rather than a new thread every day, just keep adding to this one.

    Today I have been burning Shoyeido's Baika-ju. Nice and smooth smelling with a creaminess kind of smell. A good quality incense for a bargain price.
  2. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    Today, it's Baieido's Syukohkoku. Love this one.
  3. kyarazen
    Syokohkoku is lovely! i used to prefer the regular syukohkoku over the tokusen one, but after a while the tokusen grows on you.. so i'm ok with it now too
  4. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    I've never tried the Tokusen version, although I'm not sure if Nakata-san from Baieido may haave sent me a couple of sticks years ago.

    Today, it's the very basic Nippon Kodo's Shinsei Eiju..peppery wood scent.
  5. kyarazen
    whoops.. did i forget to include a sample in my package to you the last time?
  6. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    Not to worry.

    I have noticed something about a couple of sticks you sent. The Medicine Buddha from Nara smells like Shoyeido's En Mei and Sanjusangen-do could possibly be Baieido's Kaiunkoh. I will send u a private message.
  7. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    Burning one of Baieido's Ensei Aloeswoods, not sure which one, it's in a small vial that Nakata-san from Baieido once sent me.
  8. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Sanjusangendo Incense

    And Later on will be burning (not Japanese,but)

    Goloka Nag Champa

  9. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    So you managed to get the Sanjusangen-do senko then Orgoglio?
  10. velvetseven
    My incense of the day was Shoyeido's Myoho. I bought a sample pack of 8 sticks of it a month or so ago, since it was noted by members of this board as a favorite. I didn't like it at first myself, though; it had what seemed to me a strange combination of very sweet and very bitter aromas, and where they intersected seemed to clash with my senses. I'm more used to it now, though, and i can approach its contrasts with greater equanimity and enjoyment.
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