Elitest nonsense.

  1. memories
    I can't stand the ridiculous "you have to phone" thing. Other expensive perfume houses let perfume sellers list prices. They are high but not that high. So a London shop kindly sent me a handful of samples and I detested them all.
  2. Un profumo affettuoso
    Un profumo affettuoso
    I detest them, too. All of them. And look at the hideous bottles.
  3. El Fantástico
    El Fantástico
    I am fairly indifferent to bottles and boxes, provided the fragrance itself is good and the sprayer serviceable. And I will give Creed props for having great atomizers. But yeah, where do they get off charging an arm and a leg for this chaff?

    I see Creed as basically catering to the conspicuous consumption crowd; people with a little too much time and money and a strong desire to feel special or important.
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