Week 11

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  1. shadesofbleu
    My first attempt at starting a group! I'm missing our football chats in the old Off-Topic forum (RIP) ...

    So it's a BIG game for my team this week ... Chiefs vs Horseheads on Sunday night. I don't know, but I'm hoping that Peyton's ankle is bad enough to slow him down a bit and allow Hali and Houston and the rest of the KC defense to really take him out of his game.

    I've said all along that KC and Denver would split, with the home team winning ... but I sort of like KC's chances in Denver this week.

    What are your takes on your favorite team's games this week?
  2. kalli
    Awesome Shades! I didn't hear about this injured ankle, interesting. Verrrrry interesting! I think KC has a pretty good chance, it would be cool to beat the team everyone says they will lose against.

    My take on my 9ers? Who the heck knows after losing to CAR, they have a good D...but Kap looks lost sometimes out there. A little like Eli Manning sometimes. Bad play calls too......*lame ones*. Sometimes I wanna be the darned coach!

    Horseheads, lol...haven't heard that one surprisingly.
  3. shadesofbleu
    It's being called a high ankle sprain ... Peyton didn't practice a few days this week for what that is worth. He really doesn't need the practice at this point. Ankles are tricky injuries I guess ... I don't want to wish injuries on anyone, but if he is not 100% all that much better for KC.
  4. hednic
    Looking forward so much to this game. Hope it lives up to expectations. I won't predict a score, but I think the Chiefs will see their first loss.Hope I'm wrong as I would love to see KC remain undefeated. It's the story of the season. (Shades as Group Starter do you have the ability to delete the thread I started in your group? Didn't see you had already posted a thread. This is all new to me. Sorry for that. I deleted the content and moved it here.)
  5. kalli
    Ya, I wouldn't wanna wish injuries on anyone either. Didn't mean to come off that way if I did! Sprains aren't too bad..as opposed to Aaron Rodgers broken collar bone. *ouch* Then the back up got injured, then they went to their 3rd stringer. Tough times recently for Green Bay.
  6. shadesofbleu
    hednic, I guess I do have power to delete. That brings back some memories ...

    We will just wing it on how the discussion flows. Start any threads you want!

    I know it's not NFL, but I just have to shout out that my KU Jayhawks won today! After 27 straight conference losses, we finally got a win today! KU 31 West Virginia 19. It's sort of a good week for the Jayhawks ... beat Duke in basketball, got a great bb commitment, and actually won a football game! Rock Chalk!
  7. shadesofbleu
    You didn't come off that way at all, kalli!
  8. shadesofbleu
    I hope you guys aren't sick to death of Chiefs vs Broncos yet! Here is a video I saw on Facebook called Late Night Superlatives: Broncos-Chiefs:

  9. 601red
    OK. I'm gonna come clean. I have zero hate for any teams. But...I AM from Miami area. Yes, the dolphins suck this year - again. But we just don't want to see another team go undefeated. Sorry, down here, we're rooting for Broncs.
  10. hednic
    Those years with Marino, Csonka, Kiick, Warfield and Morris in Miami were truly great!
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