Week 13

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  1. shadesofbleu
    Ahhh the tradition of football and Thanksgiving!

    I think the Lions/Packers game is shaping up to be interesting with all the trash talk ... What do you guys think? Are Detroit Lions a bunch of dirty players starting with their coach?

    And of course, the top game for me (anyway) is the second meeting of Chiefs and Broncos. I'm sure hoping for a win this week and hoping for the defense to return to sacks and causing turnovers.
  2. hednic
    Well, the Packers sure had their holiday plate handed to them by the Lions!
    I think Denver was totally deflated with the loss to the Patriots. I see a Chiefs victory this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.
  3. shadesofbleu
    Oh! I so hope you are right! Hali will play even though he is not 100% but Houston will not. Defense just HAS to put some pressure on Manning.
  4. kalli
    Hoping SF can win against the Rams, Kap didn't do that last year..so hopefully, he will change his w-l record against them.

    Also hoping for a KC win...hoping SEA will lose their game but not really a fan of N.O. just those darned Seaplops, they seem almost SB bound..that shouldn't ever happen!
  5. Tony T
    My Bears sucked again..
    MNF should be a great game!!
  6. hednic
    Too bad KC came up a little too short! There's still the playoffs though.
  7. kalli
    Ya, too bad about KC. Glad the Niners beat the Rams though!!.

    Ya, MNF should be awesome...hopefully not for the Seaboogers though.
  8. hednic
    I'll be rooting for the Saints.
  9. shadesofbleu
    There were some really good games this past weekend ... very close, exciting games. Of course, I'm a little disappointed with the Chiefs' loss ... oh well.

    shhh can't tell my BIL (who is a bandwagon Seattle fan) but I'm so over the Seahawks.
  10. kalli
    Well, you can tell your BIL congrats on the win I guess. 34-7 and it's only the 3rd q. Ugh, I thought NO would do better than that.

    Guess who gets to play the Seamonkeys next? Yep, the Niners. At least it's at home but I don't think it will play a huge factor...Kap & Co. just don't seem to do well against SEA..who can really lately? Ugh.
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