Week 14

  1. shadesofbleu
    Some good match ups this week, but the best has to be 49ers vs Seahawks. I'm going with SF in a close game ... time to clip those Seahawk wings (or whatever they have).

    Of course, I have to put it out there that I think KC will stop their 3 game skid and beat the Redskins.

    Tonight's Panthers/Texans game? meh I can't believe the free fall that the Texans are in ...
  2. hednic
    Hoping for a SF win over the Seahawks also. The win over the redskins is a given!
  3. hednic
    Chiefs on a roll early!
  4. kalli
    It's 16-14 Niners against the Chickensocks at the half.. can't even believe we have a lead, even if it happens to be for a short while. Who knows.

    Thanks Hednic, hugs.
  5. kalli
    Kap threw an INT, ugh.....teams lose games that way. Goodness.
  6. kalli
    I can't believe the 9ers won! WHOOOOT!
  7. shadesofbleu
    What a crazy end to that Steelers game! Of course, I was hoping for a Steelers win to seal the deal for the Chiefs to make the play-offs. KC needed either the Dolphins OR the Ravens to lose to clinch. Of course, BOTH won in very close games.

    What is going on in DC? Think Shanahan will be fired? I think he will ... the question is if they wait til the season is over to give him the axe.

    Monday NIght ... not really watching. Pulling for the Bears though.
  8. Tony T
    MyBears get a blowout the night Ditka's number gets retired!!
    Cowboys have some real issues
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