Week 16

  1. shadesofbleu
    Sorry guys! I've been very busy with work and real life this week and didn't get the week's discussion started ...

    So, just two weeks remain of the regular season and still several playoff spots up for grabs. How are your teams looking? I have to admit, it feels good knowing my team is already in!
  2. Tony T
    Kinda pissed my Bears don't play until 7..
    Will be watching all the games though!!
  3. hednic
    If the Cowboys don't get into the playoffs today because of a loss to the hapless Redskins they only have themselves to blame.
  4. hednic
    Rooting for the Saints over the Panthers. This should be a nail biter.
  5. hednic
    Great win for the Eagles. Next week's game with Dallas will be exciting.
  6. kalli
    WOW, what a finish in the 9ers game! WHOOOOOT!
  7. hednic
    After the onside kick recovered by Atlanta, I thought it was lights out for SF. What a finish!
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