Week 17

  1. shadesofbleu
    So here we are at the last week of the regular season. I'm watching the Chiefs trying to ruin San Diego's playoff hopes with most of the starters sitting. Hoping the second stringers can burn the Chargers and send them home!

    How is your team looking this week?
  2. hednic
    Hoping that NO sneaks in as the 6th seed in the NFC.
  3. hednic
    The Packers - Bear game has turned out to be a real nail biter, Exciting.
  4. hednic
    Congratulations to the Packers on a very exciting finish!
  5. hednic
    Don't think that if Romo had played, it would have made any difference. The Eagles were the better team. Congrats also to the 49s and Chargers.
  6. shadesofbleu
    I think the Bears/Packers game was the game of the day. Sorry, Tony ... I know that wasn't the outcome you wanted.
  7. shadesofbleu
    Goodbye to Tony Gonzalez ... He will always be one of my favorite players, even though he left Kansas City. Can't hate on Tony G.

    His special commemorative helmet from Roger Goodell:

  8. hednic
    That's a nifty helmet! The NFL is losing a legend.
  9. kalli
    Green Bay won, San Diego won, Seahawks won-and the division, blech. Niners will have to play at Lambeau next week. 9ers vs. AZ was a good game as predicted.
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