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  1. kalli
    Or the not-so-super bowl for some of us.

    Not a huge fan of Denver but I am hoping they win over Seattle. I don't think Wilson will win over Manning. Could be wrong but I don't think so. Who knows, maybe Seattle will win their first trophy but I doubt it. The rivalry between the 9ers and the Seasocks kinda went over the top this year. It is just a game..players and fans need to remember that. It's taking the game way too seriously when people lose respect for their fellow brothers. Is it me or was there less trash talking and physical cheap shots in seasons past? And less showboating? There are a few things I don't like about the NFL but oh well. Not my fave teams in the SB but at least I don't have a Raven's fan sticking it in my eye this year, lol. That stunk.
  2. stuigi
    Seattle minus the 12th man should bring them back to reality. A great offense should beat a great defense, just like in baseball where a great pitching performance will usually beat the best hitters.
  3. hednic
    Will be pulling for Denver to cap off a great year for Manning
  4. shadesofbleu
    It's still a week away ... and I'm already sick of the hype. Maybe I'm just jealous because my team is never there?

    I can't root for either team. Denver has two Jayhawks on the the roster, even though Chris Harris is hurt and won't be playing. (Steven Johnson is the other Jayhawk.) So I guess my heart wants them to get a Superbowl ring ... wish there was a way for them to win without having to hear about Peyton over and over and over ...

    You guys going to any good parties or watching from home? I'm not sure what we will be doing.
  5. hednic
    Will be partying with friends and family at my place.
  6. kalli
    Not watching it, I am bitter lol but keeping tabs on the scores..Sea 15 Den 0, reaaalllly? ugh, pathetic.
  7. kalli
    22 to 0? whodda thunk? ugh, worst superbowl ever so far.
  8. kalli
    29-0?.yep worst superbowl ever.
  9. kalli
    ugh...glad I didn't watch that one.
  10. hednic
    It was horrible for sure
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