Dyfi Ospreys

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  1. lpp
    Dyfi Osprey Project posted a video (thanks, rowan!) following the recent storms.

    The link is here.

    Looking forward to watching the live stream, hopefully next month.
  2. rowan-
    The first UK osprey to return this season is apparently the granddad of Monty's mate Glesni:


    Meanwhile the Dyfi live stream is on track to go live by this weekend, March 22nd. Hooray!
  3. lpp
    Thanks for posting, rowan - hope they've mended the camera now!
  4. rowan-
    Think it was beyond repair - but they recently took delivery of their new one!

  5. lpp
    Oh, that's good news as they were worried about the cost at one stage?
  6. rowan-
    Yes, but it was paid for in a few days - thanks to an amazing fundraising campaign online!

  7. lpp
    Great stuff - they really are using the internet to good effect now, which is great as funding for this sort of stuff has always been troublesome.
  8. rowan-
    The Dyfi osprey live stream is up and running! http://dyfiospreyproject.com/stream

    So good to see the nest again... and hear that train rattling past...

  9. lpp
    Thanks for that, rowan - hope it's not too cold over there!
  10. lpp
    Very miserable weather in Dyfi & no signs of life at present.
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