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  1. Derbyman
    I’ve been going through a busy period for the last few months and haven’t had time to post much on here but have been lurking and keeping track of things when I could.

    Thought it might be good to all catch up on where we’re at – I’m sure we’ve all made new purchases and changed our opinions on things here and there so I wanted to ask a few questions to find out what everyone is enjoying at the moment.

    What would you wear for the following:

    Formal event – Work dinner, wedding, garden party etc.

    Romantic liaison – Date, dinner, dance or…well…it’s none of my business what you get up to…!

    Relaxing at home – Just for you own pleasure

    Also, are there any fragrances on which you’ve done a recent U-Turn – either way – use to love but now dislike or used to dislike and now love?

    Recent U-Turn – Love to Hate / Hate to Love

    And finally…what is your CURRENT must have favourite?

    Current No. 1– Your ‘desert island’ fragrance, the one you couldn’t live without and would rescue from a fire? If you had to own only one ‘signature fragrance’ what would it be as of NOW!

    I’ll start the ball rolling:

    Formal event – Boucheron Pour Homme
    Romantic liaison – Mugler Pure Havane
    Relaxing at home – Calvin by Calvin Klein
    Recent U-Turn – Jasper Conran Mister (hated it but now like it a lot…!)
    Current No. 1 – Puig Quorum
  2. Scent-e-mental
    Formal event – Givenchy Gentleman
    Romantic liaison – Old Spice (My Wife's favourite)
    Relaxing at home – 4711...We are just coming out of summer and I have been literally pouring this stuff over myself, when I get home from work. My wife who is pregnant also found the scent very calming when feeling tired and sick. I have used about 1/4of a full 300ml bottle in 3 month
    Recent U-Turn – Joop! homme. In moderation it is acceptable...which is pretty much a turn around from me loathing it.
    Current no 1. Montana parfum d'homme....but Kouros is my eternal favourite.
  3. Dimitrios
    Formal event – Monsiuer De Givenchy
    Romantic liaison – Tiffany for Men
    Relaxing at home – Obsession
    Recent U-Turn – Zirh
    Current No. 1 – Kouros
  4. Francolino
    Formal event – Tsar VC&A
    Romantic liaison – Red Giorgio BH
    Relaxing at home – Antaeus
    Recent U-Turn – Marbert Man last remix
    Current No. 1 – Antaeus
  5. Derbyman
    Good stuff here chaps! Dimitrios - which way round was your U-Turn on Zirh Ikon? Tiffany is something I've never smelled but would really like to have the chance - there's only Harrods in London stock it over here - ££££££££££ !!! And Francolino - same question - did you dislike Kouros but now like it?
  6. Derbyman
    Great list too Scent. Givenchy Gentleman is perfect for formal events - as for Joop! - I've tried to like it but have been waaaaay over-exposed to it here in the UK. It is always over-applied and forms a thick, sweet blanket over club-goers and the like...!
  7. PerfumeCollector
    Formal event – Richard James EdT
    Romantic liaison – Montana parfum d'Homme
    Relaxing at home – Al Haramain Million
    Recent U-Turn – Aventus
    Current No. 1 – M. Micallef Kashka Black.

    Boy, did I leave a lot of favorites behind like Tsar, Quorum, Giorgio. Lapidus pH, Ungaro III, etc, I winced with each selection for the pain of leaving so many good perfumes behind.
    One that will be suited for every occasion is Ungaro III, my number 2 favorite.
  8. Slayerized
    Among (many) others of course:

    - Formal Event: Santal Noble (and many others) but not to a 'formal' garden party! For that: eg. Guerlain Vetiver / Loewe Esencia
    - Romantic Liaison: DHI (and many others)
    - Relaxing at home: Paco Rabanne pour homme vintage (and 150 others, lol)
    - Recent U-Turn: Versace The Dreamer (now I finally got the vintage which is far superior to the current formulation which I strongly dislike)
    - Current No. 1: Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage of course) with Kouros being a close second!
  9. flattop
    Greetings gents...new guy on this forum. My name's Patrick, I'm 50, and live in Vancouver, Canada. I have a passion, as you do, for powerhouse fragrances of the 80s, and have recently become interested in rediscovering a lot of them.

    So, if I may contribute my two cents worth:

    Formal event: Havana Reserva - Aramis / Xeryus -Givenchy
    Romantic liaison: Bel Ami - Hermes
    Relaxing at home: Tuscany - Aramis
    Recent U-Turn – n/a
    Current No. 1: It's a draw - Bel Ami/Antaeus/Versace L'Homme (all in their vintage formulations)
  10. PerfumeCollector
    welcome to the club flattop, but I see that your tastes are totally different as mine LOL.

    Scent, if you like 4711 that much, please try Myrurgia 1916.
    It is 4711 elevated to a higher degree, since I discovered 1916 (about 3 years ago) I've never wore 4711 again, and I have a huge bottle of 4711 sitting idle in my medicine cabinet. I'll probably will end up giving it away LOL
    Unfortunately, it lasts about as long (or should I say as short LOL) as 4711.
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