Ettore Bugatti EDT (1992)

  1. Colin Maillard
    Colin Maillard
    Hi all!

    Thoughts on this? I blind bought this yesterday night, original version. Diana de Silva produced that, which is kind of a guarantee to me, and our beloved Andre Moreau from Raiders of the Lost Scent blog once said it's one of the greatest perfumes ever made... Shouldn't really be a hairy-chest powerhouse but still a great vintage.

  2. Dimitrios
    its a great frag ... u wont be dissapointed , i have a bottle & some minis .
  3. Derbyman
    Hi Colin - I've done some reading up on this fragrance, read the reviews and so on, and it sounds like a great fragrance. Andre Moreau rates it very highly and he's certainly been exposed to some wonderful classic & vintage fragrances in his time...! Not sure how I'd go about finding this in the UK though....shame as it sounds wonderful....!

    (Great blog by the way....I've bookmarked it and will have a good read when I get a chance)
  4. Colin Maillard
    Colin Maillard
    Thanks friends! And thanks Derby for your nice words about the blog, it is newly born and I've still all to learn, hope it will become nice one day.
    However I can not wait to get this scent! I will post here my humble opinion once I get it.
  5. Derbyman
    Thanks Colin - please give us the verdict when it arrives..!
  6. Colin Maillard
    Colin Maillard
    Finally got my bottle this morning! I wore this all day, and what can I say? It was totally worth the "hype"! Not a chesty-hair powerhouse, rather a more elegant but earthy/animalic fougère, incredible quality from any point of view - materials, concentration, composition. I completely love it! I just wrote my review here on Basenotes, hope it makes sense (both for my English and for the content itself):

    My modest advice is to grab a bottle of this if you find it!
  7. mdclx
    Hi Colin,

    I own this fragance and I love it, the after shave is also very good.
  8. badarun
    I own this beauty (& should we say a polite beast too) - such wonderful construction that even a terrible nose like myself is awed...

    Changed my SOTD after reading this thread...
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