Caligna by L'Artisan Parfumer (2013)

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  1. odysseusm
    Notes: Clary sage, Fig, Jasmine marmalade accord, Mastic, Pine needles
    A new scent by L'Artisan.
    Wow! A great scent! Hits all the right buttons for me. The opening is excellent. It is a fig note which is green and refreshing. It works well with the dusky clary sage and a hint of violet leaf, which ameliorate the fig note and provide a very nice, complex opening chord. The lentisque or mastic further develops the dusky-green theme. I also get a forest and forest-floor note from the pine needles. Overall, this is a very good scent in the garrigue style -- a breeze wafting over resinous shrubs.
  2. MonkeyBars
    Hm, maybe this will be the sole fig frag I can do!
  3. odysseusm
    Right, the fig is "there" but does not dominate. Well balanced with the other ingredients. It is my first fig scent, after debating the issue for several years.
  4. MonkeyBars
    Yeah if there is a facet of the fig that I'd want to emphasize it's along the clary sage - violet leaf spectrum.
  5. CapriDog
    Hello Coneheads Group Members,

    This is my first time ever to join any group here on Basenotes and just want to say hello.

    I am also digging Caligna at the moment. Agree that the fig note is not very prominent and it's so well blended with other notes that I cannot help think of it as a tea scent every time I wear it ( don't know why? May be due to Sage?). Any how, I also sprayed some on my shirt and got whiffs of it all day long. It's fantastic! I think I am going to get a back-up..... soon.

  6. odysseusm
    Hello CapriDog, welcome to the group! Thanks for the note. Glad you like Caligna.
  7. odysseusm
    Here's a full list of notes, from the L'Artisan website.
    Clary sage, rosebud, mandarin tree leaves
    Fig, jasmine marmelade accord, violet leaf
    Mastic, Pine needles, oak chips, ambroxan

    A dusky, even dusty green scent. Dry and cool. The fig leaf and mastic work well together. Mastic has a leafy, resinous, aromatic scent -- conveys an image of scrubland on a warm day. A bit of conifer and a fair amount of wood in the dry-down. A very good scent.
  8. odysseusm
    Time to re-viz this garrigue style scent.
  9. odysseusm
    Dusky and aromatic. A good combination of green fig and silvery violet leaf. Quite attractive: a grey-green fog of scent. Floral notes of jasmine are very well done. Not sweet. Translucent. The mastic provides a hay-like, tarragon, celery leaf not. Only a hint of conifer in the dry-down.
  10. odysseusm
    Time to re-visit this intriguing and unusual scent.
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