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  1. odysseusm
    Howdy to those who have come to this group. We share an appreciation for pine scents. So I suggest we post piney experiences and thoughts about old favorite and new discovery scents. I'm open to suggestions, too -- I don't have any detailed agenda for this group. I want it to reflect our collective wisdom and intention!

    I want to post a nice haiku, written by Redneck Perfumisto, for my birthday. Thanks, RP, I sure enjoy that.

    Pine tree on a ledge
    Snow held high in its branches
    A gift to the sun

    Cheers, odysseusm
  2. anais
    Hello coneheads,

    I'm honored to be a member of this group. Great haiku, odysseusm.
    I would like to follow your initiative and post a couple of "pine quotes" as my first message here:

    The best part of happiness is the pines. ~ The Quote Garden

    Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. ~ John Muir

    Best regards,
  3. odysseusm
    Thank you, senZuality! I appreciate those quotes, and I'm glad to see you as the first poster here.

    Pine is my obsession!! It is why prompted me to get back into fragrances after a long hiatus. Iím still searching for my holy grail scent: it would be very fresh and invigorating, like a walk in a majestic and calm forest.
  4. Merbert
    Here is a favorite of mine.

    "Who leaves the pine-tree, leaves his friend,
    Unnerves his strength, invites his end."
    from Woodnotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Merbert
    Oh, and here is one less commonly known:

    "The pine tree seems to listen, the fir tree to wait: and both without impatience: they give no thought to the little people beneath them devoured by their impatience and their curiosity."
    From The Wanderer and his Shadow by Friedrich Nietzsche
  6. Redneck Perfumisto
    Redneck Perfumisto
    Allright! I finally figured out how to join a group! It only took me almost 2500 posts to do it, but better late than never.

    I've been a conehead since I was a kid. My parents would drive up into the Rocky Mountains from Kansas every summer. It was always a special time for me. The pine trees seemed magical then, and they still do now. One of my favorite things is finding a pine tree growing on the steep side of a mountain when I'm climbing.

    Our new puppy is an honorary conehead, too. She loves to hide under one of the pines out back. I'll try to get a picture of her!
  7. Haunani
    I joined because I love the smell of pine. I am NOT sure I want to smell like it, but who knows?

    Hmmm... hemlock is an evergreen. If that counts, I can heartily recommend Ormonde Jayne Woman.

    RP, a new puppy! Perhaps you could join the Dog People forum, too, and post a photo.

    Thanks, Odyss, this should be interesting!
  8. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    Greetings all - just signed up! There was a pine forest just next to where I lived in Wellington. You can see it in LOTR when they duck under a tree root to hide from the black rider . . . used to play there after school (this was a few decades ago, I might add!)

    I'm new to basenotes - just found out Social Groups exist - but my first niche purchase late last year was Fou d'Absinthe which I like a lot so I'm clearly in the right place!

    Happy to have found this spot - cheers!

    PS At some point will figure out how to get the avatar / pic thing happening . . .
  9. odysseusm
    I wanted to say welcome to our new members, 3xasif, gavroche, cpk, debbborra and mr.reasonable. If I've missed someone, my apologies!
  10. odysseusm
    Welcome to our new members, Darwinia and Ken Russell. Glad you've joined us!
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