Addicted to Sampling

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  1. Nostalgie
    Sampling is pure pleasure for me. And like Galamb Borang, I have fewer full bottles because of sampling. It keeps me from impulse buying full bottles I will never wear, and helps me to select "the one(s)" , as Elysia said.

    A sample allows me to live with a fragrance for a day or two, and to save a bit for reference. perfect!

    L'Aventurier: I want to contemplate your question for a bit...

    Aiona: Thinking of the expense...if you have a PayPal account that might be the easiest way to reimburse you for postage.

    Everyone: you may all have been on this list a little longer than I. If you've already established a sub-community, I don't mean to barge in, and will not be hurt if you ask me to step aside, but I would be delighted to participate.

    I'm in North America.
  2. arwen_elf
    I am willing to help with shipping. I would love to participate.
  3. Aiona
    Nope, we haven't started a mailing list yet, Nostalgie! If everyone who is willing to participate would send me a private message with your address, I will try to set up a PayPal account this weekend.

    How does that sound, so far?
  4. analavande
    I am searching for:
    my Lofty 3 or,
    my Symmetrical 4 or,
    my Perfect 7 or perhaps,
    my Essential 8 or,
    my Eternal 12 or why not go for,
    my Double Perfect 14 or,
    my Absolute 20 or,
    my Cherished 24 or maybe,
    my Thorough 30 or,
    my Favorite 40 or,
    my Indefatigable 50 or...or...or...I simply enjoy the pleasure of testing...applying...sniffing...waiting...sniffing ...scrubbing...reapplying...sniffing...
  5. TaraYvonne
    I dunno, trusting people isn't my strong point maybe. What if someone was to break the mailing chain and keep samples that were to be sent on? I do love to sample, and it's a new thing for me. I used to just love perfume, not be addicted to it. Now I can't stop ordering them from The Posh Peasant or eBay. Waiting on some from London at the moment. Ever heard of Penhaligon's? Hope I spelled that right, lol. Can't wait to try Bluebell. Seems to be the popular one.
  6. Nostalgie
    TaraYvonne I agree with you. The trouble with chains, even chains of your nearest and dearest, is that in spite of the best intentions, someone always inevitably breaks the chain. A chain of 12 could get clunky.

    I think the plan now is that Aiona will send the samples to each of us and we will individually reimburse her for the postage through paypal. I'm not 100% sure though--she can confirm and correct any errors I'm making here.
  7. TaraYvonne
    Well I think I'll opt out of that one. I tend to buy what I want to try from Abigail at the Posh Peasant who delivers excellent, personalized service. I would recommend anyone try out her site, she takes paypal. ~Tara
  8. AromiErotici
    Count me among this group. It seems I'm strung out like a research monkey.
  9. Aiona
    Oops, I haven't been checking this thread as I have been the other one. Everyone but Galamb_Borong has confirmed being part of this project. I'm not worried about shipping costs. This one is a freebie on me, unless Profumo is sending some kind of honking big volume samples.
  10. TaraYvonne
    For me sampling is about going away in my mind. I love the ones that take me somewhere, that tell me a story about some place I've never been before. But through the scent I can imagine it, smell the wind, the spices in the air at some exotic market place. Smell damp woods, mossy ground, the hot curling embers of a dying wood fire. Even the sea, certain ones evoke that for me. For a country girl living in the heartland, those samples arriving in the mail represent different trips somewhere in my mind. That's why I do it. Plus I love to smell gorgeous and different all the time, depending on my mood.
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