Addicted to Sampling

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  1. Aiona
    That is a very good description of why I too like to sample, TaraYvonne! Definitely some samples have the ability to transport me. To the sequoias in the Berkeley Hills, to the temple in a cave, to Midnight Mass (and it's not Messe de Minuit that does it for me), to a dingy, dusty apartment in Manila. . . .

    Plus, sampling is nice because I can't afford to fly to all the places where these scents are sold. And I certainly can't buy them here in West Texas.
  2. bbBD
    Wow! what a great offer from Profumo. Hopefully I can get in on the next round?

    On other subjects.... I'm thankful to Moltening for starting this group. Sometimes I feel like I'm yelling at a wall when I see BNer on the board complaining about the cost of samples, TPC prices, or taking the position that sampling fragrances one can not/will not buy is a waste of time.

    There is a tremendous value in sampling for the sake of sampling, and I feel that I've learned a lot about this art form from sampling that I could never learn from just buying bottles (unless I was like JaimeB and had 600+ bottles).

    I laughed when I saw the description "do you order more samples from TPC while you're waiting for an order to arrive?" LMFAO. I do that all the time - in fact there is rarely a day when I'm not somewhere in the TPC ordering process (order - wait - receive - search - order.....).
  3. joxer96
    This is great! I just found this group, and now I know I'm not alone. Yep, I admit it, I'm a sample whore. I have about 300 samples right now, and have to say I've been enjoying the 'sampling' part of my obsession most of all.
  4. Merbert
    Profumo, I would be happy to help with shipping in the US, and thank you for making such a gracious offer.

    Sampling is my vice. It began quite awhile ago when my signature fragrance was discontinued and bottles became scarcer and scarcer. What would replace my dear friend, Marechale Original? I began my quest, initially picking up samples here and there without any success. As my stock of Marechale started dwindling, concern turned to panic. That's where the addiction began. I became a 4-scent-a-day habit. My husband learned the drill: right inside wrist, left inside wrist, right inside elbow, left inside elbow. I've discovered incredible fragrances along the way and there is a second benefit; my husband has developed a very good nose!
  5. AromiErotici
    No better way to decide on new purchases. It's more fun than buying a FB blind.
  6. shoebaglover
    I have a perfume box full of perfume samples! I like the ones with the squirt spray better thou.
  7. TheSeoulMan
    I just got an order today of 92 samples.
  8. kastehelmi
    Ah ch'io vorrei provare dei vostri profumi!

    I would love to get in on the next round of Scents of the Soul-Abdes Salam Attar, anybody, let me know personally if I could join a sampling group at this point. I like the paypal idea....
  9. calero
    I'm joining this group because I need to LEARN TO SAMPLE first and THEN buy! Other than LuckyScent, where are some good places to acquire samples of frags that you won't find in just any department store?
  10. systeme_d
    Calero, I often purchase samples from The Perfumed Court, and from The Posh Peasant. Google them, and you'll faint from joy.
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