Addicted to Sampling

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  1. SirSlarty
    No way I can deny my sampling addiction
  2. nenugal
    Me too
  3. L'Aventurier
    I'm curious as to what reasons people in this group have for their sampling addiction. I used to be looking for "the one" but now sampling has become more of a compulsive habit. I just feel the need to try ALL the fragrances that get rave reviews on BN! Relaxing and enjoying the fragrances I already own and love has helped ease the addiction though.
  4. nenugal
    I found another webshop to order samples from:
    Much less selection than TPC but still nice to see some competition...
  5. Sugandaraja
    One of the reasons I have so few bottles is my sampling habit. I don't regret it one bit. It's great to wear a different fragrance every day.
  6. SirSlarty
    I'm in the Pokemon mindset: I gotta have/try 'em all! With each new sample, I get a larger picture of the fragrance world.

    Also, I'm still looking for my holy grail. Declaration Essence, Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir and Burberry London are the close ones. Still looking in vain for a really WOW! niche scent.
  7. Dimitrios
    I too have wisened up around 7 months ago & realize that addictively sampling is the only way to go ... cheers
  8. Elysia
    I actually counted my unused samples last night and have over 130. I'm not looking for one signature frag, but the whole point of sampling to me is to make sure I'm not missing "the one" (or, more realistically 6 or 7) that I love and that work on me. I'm getting into the habit of trying two a day (one morning, one evening) and so far about 90% go into my "no" pile. Some of the ones in the "yes" pile are for specific occasions rather than normal day or evening wear. For example, Sonoma Scent Studio's Fireside Intense is in the "yes" pile, but I'd probably only wear it if I was actually going to an outdoor party with a fire/bonfire, and then I'd layer it with Demeter's Cinnamon Toast. I do go to a couple of parties like that a year - I'll keep my sample nearby for that. Hopefully, after I've gone through all of these, I can actually buy a few bottles and have a limited, but wonderful, personal repertoire of scent. So far, the only one that has stood out is Egoiste, which was a favorite of mine for several years after it came out (before it was replaced with Platinum). It smells very sweet and feminine on me but still maintains some of its elegant distinctiveness. It was nice to find that it can still be found (although it's not easy). So I guess I am currently addicted to sampling, but still have hopes of moving past this stage. I'm sure I'll still be looking for reviews to try a few new ones a year that sound great. Or maybe I'm deluding myself and I just need to start budgeting for samples monthly...
  9. Profumo
    Dear members of this group and BN brothers, L'aventurier has been asking me for samples of "the scents of the soul" smaller than my 5,5 ml bottles.
    Following his trail I found this group of addicted samplers.
    I would be very happy to provide samples to basenoters in order that they may try and discuss my perfumes, the problem is that there is not yet a system devised by perfumistas that could make it easy for the sample sender. If it was posiible for me to send samples for 12 people (all of you) to a single address, I would gladly send them to you completely free, and I could do this several times a year.
    The one who receives them would send the samples to the 11 others.
    Next time I would send other samples to an other member of the group who would send to the 11 others.
    Do you think it is workable?
    AbdesSalaam Attar
  10. Aiona
    Wow! Thanks, Profumo! But who will volunteer to mail them out? I'd be happy to! I'm in North America, but kind Basenotes members have since showed me how to ship perfumes overseas.

    How many people in this group are not in North America? Moltening, I know you are in Thailand, right?
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