Uomo by Lorenzo Villoresi (1993)

  1. odysseusm
    Top: bergamot, petitgrain, laurel
    Mid: neroli, sage, juniper
    Base: vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, musk

    I like this scent, it is a very good grassy vetiver with some herbal and coniferous notes.
    It starts with citrus and bay leaf. Then sage enters with a scrubby-rubbery aspect, and the herbal chord at this point is powerful, even a bit macho. There is a welcome freshening note from the juniper. The notes are all distinct here. The scent settles into a substantial vetiver-patchouli chord. In the final dry-down, the vetiver is very grassy and we find a reappearance of juniper (a nice surprise).
  2. odysseusm
    Green, dusky and a bit peppery. Dry. Bit of a soapy aspect, perhaps from the herbal blend. That herbal blend is really well done, powerful yet smooth and satisfying. The juniper gives a nice, cool and resinous vibe. Grassy dry-down from the vetiver. This is an excellent, classy scent.
  3. odysseusm
    I always enjoy this -- it is a real mood-lifter! Today the dusky herbal notes really stand out (laurel, sage) and are brightened by coniferous juniper. Gradually, it develops a grassy vetiver and creamy sandalwood chord that is very good. Invigorating and classy. I wonder if there is black pepper in here? At times, I get a peppery bite.
  4. odysseusm
    This is such a go-to scent and that is what I need tomorrow. So watch for comments then.
  5. odysseusm
    Starts with a great combination of orange blossom and bay leaf. Bit of conifer from the juniper. Settles into a grassy, refreshing and sharp vetiver.
  6. odysseusm
    I am always easily persuaded to revisit and comment on this classic scent.
  7. odysseusm
    Lovely petitgrain and neroli up front. The neroli in particular is very well done, and opens into a herbal chord. The bayleaf is prominent but not overdone. The scent is quite green at this point. Juniper adds a fresh note. Grassy vetiver completes the picture. Today I am getting all the individual notes very well, and also how they intermingle and combine. A very well constructed scent. Might be a hint of peppery spice as well.
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