Kansas City

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  1. CologneJunkie
    I'm not good at organizing, but if anyone cares to come to Kansas City I'd gladly go sniffing with them .

    *cough* Shades *cough*

    Seriously, though, there's not a lot to choose from here but the County Club Plaza in KCMO is pretty dang awesome. It boasts Creed, L'artisan, Bond, & a few others. And there are other stores on the Plaza like The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Banana Republic, Gap, Tommy Bahama, etc that we can sniff around in, as well.

    Who's with me?
  2. Snafoo
    I'm in, CJ!

    I've only seen a couple other KC signatures on forum posts, as well as a few from OP. Bobbkc, are you reading this??

    p.s. Don't forget L'Occitaine is also on the Plaza! Also, I could give a heads-up to Teri, my favorite SA at Halls. I'm sure she'd be delighted to roll out the red carpet.
  3. CologneJunkie
    Oh duh! How could I forget L'Occitaine?!?! I'd prolly know Teri if I saw her. I like Alicia...but she can be WAAAAAY pushy sometimes.
  4. shadesofbleu
    I can't believe I've missed this entire group until now!!!

    For some reason, I thought the meet weekend was in July and I knew that would be tough for me to do. There is hope that I might be able to make this weekend! I'll check out my call schedule and let you guys know.

    So put me down as a strong maybe ...
  5. CologneJunkie
    Woo hoo!!!
  6. shadesofbleu
    What would you think about including Sephora at the Oak Park Mall? I know it's sort of a small store and not a lot of selection but there might be a few things different there. We could maybe hit Nordies too?
  7. shadesofbleu
    oh! and meant to say that I left a message on bbobkc's page about this thread. He's wanting to meet too, we just need to let him know when and where. He doesn't have to work that weekend, so it's looking good for him to join in.

    Any other BN'ers from Kansas, Missouri, or other places withing driving distance from KC? We would love to have you join us!!!
  8. CologneJunkie
    Yeah! I think a trip to Oak Park should definately be in order. Great idea.
  9. shadesofbleu
    I can't come up Friday afternoon, as I had hoped. I can't take off work ... But I can drive up fairly early Saturday morning.

    This is going to be great!
  10. CologneJunkie
    Actually, you know what...I just realized Saturday the 29th isn't going to work for me!!!! I have a friend coming up to visit. What about Sunday?
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