Kansas City

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  1. CologneJunkie
    OK, actually, my friend may not make it up to see me like we had planned. A car accident kinda ruined his plans. He's ok...but unsure of his plans now.
  2. shadesofbleu
    I'm sorry about your friend's accident.

    Are we still on for Saturday then?
  3. CologneJunkie
    I'll let you know just as soon as I know what his plans are. I'm hoping it'l still work to go out with you guys on Saturday & then spend time with him on Sunday.
  4. CologneJunkie
    SCORE! My friend is on for coming through on Friday, leaving my Saturday open for the meet up!

    Shannon - you still in? Who else will be joining us?
  5. shadesofbleu
    YAY!!! errr I mean sorry that you can't be with your friend on Saturday ... but you can be with ME!

    yes! I'm still in and I think Bill (bbobkc) is still interested. I need to let him know where to meet us. what about Snafoo?? Anyone else in the Kansas City area?

    What do you think about meeting at Oak Park Mall and then going to the Plaza? Would that work out? If my husband drops me off at the mall, could I catch a ride with you to the Plaza?
  6. CologneJunkie
    That would work perfectly. Where @ the mall should we all meet? The doors right by the men's frags @ Nordies? You have the longest to travel that day, what time would work best for you? After we get plans hammered out we can post them on the main thread to see if we can generate any more interest.

    Maybe we should send Snafoo a pm? Haven't heard from him in awhile.
  7. Snafoo

    I just got back from a business trip and didn't pick up this thread until this morning.

    Have you agreed on a time to meet? I have an appointment in the morning but should be available afterward.

    Sounds exciting, and little bit intimidating, to meet you guys!

    p.s. Terry Beach, my favorite Hall's SA, will be working tomorrow.
  8. shadesofbleu
    How does 11:00 sound? Is that too early, CJ? I thought that would give us some time at both Nordies and Sephora. (There's a new Lip Venom Vampire gloss I want to check out there!)

    The doors by the men's frags at Nordies sounds good and then Sephora and then Halls! :bounce:
  9. Snafoo
    I'm afraid you're on your own with the lip gloss...

    I'll try to get there by 11:00, but I can't guarantee. I can rendez-vous at some point if you PM me a cell phone#. I PM'ed mine to both of you already.
    Did anyone succeed in contacting bobbkc?

    BTW, my real name is Jon. But I'll still answer to Snafoo!
  10. shadesofbleu
    I got a PM from bbobkc a few days ago but he hasn't been signed on since then. I'll send another one tonight, helpfully he will see that. He was planning on meeting us.

    Sorry if that is too early ... if Nordies or Sephora somewhere you are really wanting to hit, we can do it later. I wanted to give us plenty of time for Halls!
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