What is it that makes the rose the Queen of flowers ?

  1. memories
    I am always amazed at the divine smell of the roses in my tiny garden . I love most rose-centered perfumes .So what do any of you think the various smells conjure up for you ? I am no nose but it's a drug like awe inspiring beauty for me .My favourite rose scent is "Une Rose" but most of the Amouage perfumes are just wonderful. Do any of you know of a book dedicated to rose perfumes ?
  2. 1234567890
    Rose is a pleasant aroma ,
    My favorite Rose perfume is Shiseido White Rose
    and Annick Goutal Rose Absolute .
  3. Eleanore
    Hi--I just joined. My favourate Rose perfume so far is Lady Vengeance--By Juliette has a Gun. I know the name and the packaging is very stupid, but the perfume is divine. It is the loveliest, freshest and cleanest rose scent that I have sniffed in a long time. Of course, I'll still be looking for another one.

    Memories, I will try and find a book for you that is dedicated to Rose perfumes. It may take a while though.

    Cheers Everybody!!
  4. Valerie
    I adore "Une Rose" ,most Parfums de Rosine and Amouage.
  5. bookwyrmsmith
    Hi I have Paris by YSL ,Tea Rose by TPW that work for my favorite rose scents ;i'm looking for a rich spicy rose .Any suggestions?
  6. GelbeDomino
    My favorite roses are La Rose de Rosine, Amouage Lyric, Fantasia de Fleurs, Ta'if...
    I am not too keen on rose soliflores, but love rose as part of a bouquet, especially if it has a strong presence in it (violet is my other favorite flower)
    I find interesting the fact that the rose has been so symbolic to many cultures.
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