Greek Basenoters!

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  1. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Welcome to all Greek Basenoters!

    Just a few things to observe... the official site language is English, so lets try and avoid posts that are to the contrary! This is a place for Greeks the world over to hang out, exchange ideas, and engage in discussion.
  2. jathanas
    Hi to all the Hellenes,

    I'm living in Melbourne, Australia but I've spent lots of quality time in Greece. Some of the more "interesting" adventures I've had:

    Worked as a bartender in Skiathos for a year
    Served in the Greek army
    Lived in Athens (Glyfada) for a year

    Greece will always have a special place in my heart.

    Cheers, Jim
  3. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Hey Jim (and others),

    I was born in Piraeus, but got whisked away and grew up in New Zealand from infancy to my mid-teens.
    At 15 I moved to Australia where I completed my studies. After Uni, it was back to Greece for me for about 4.5 years where I also completed my military service (Polemiko Naftiko in 1995) and worked in a large advertising firm in Athens. Afterward I met a nice Serbian girl on the islands one summer, and we moved to Australia to be married, where we worked and lived 7 for years.

    We are now living in Denmark, and (strangely) planning a permanent move back to Greece next year!
    Nothing quite like home, is there?
  4. jathanas
    Dimitri (and others),

    I wish you luck with your planned move back to Greece(patrida). It would be a big change for anyone though you seem well traveled!

    I'm too settled in Melbourne to even contemplate such a move: wife, 2 kids (enrolled in private school),
    a business to run, etc. though I'm planning to visit Greece for a holiday next year. If we find ourselves there at the same time we should do what goes with the territory:
    1. Meet at a taverna and eat like there's no tomorrow
    2. Find a beach-side bar and drink ourselves silly
    3. More drinking
    4. Wake up sore and sorry - find a cafeteria somewhere and drink coffee and moan for the rest of the day.

  5. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Haha! Sounds like a plan! Perhaps between the eating/drinking and moaning, we can also do a quick run through the scent stores of Athens to compare notes!
  6. carlita
    Hey guys! I am Greek_American born and raised in the States but been living here in Athens now since 1981!!Would love to hear from you....Greetings...!
  7. Dimitrios
    Opa !!
    What a great idea Dimitri .
    Breifly , I was born in Samos & brought to Sydney Australia in the mid 60's when only a toddler .
    Raised in Marrickville which is famous as being the little Athens of Sydney ... for those that don't know .
    Made it to my first disco in the late 70's thanks to my older cousin , complete with flares & platform shoes at the tender age of 16 wearing Dunhill classic .
    Lived live to the fullest & partied hard all thru the 80's culminating in running a disco in a Bar & Bistro in Cleveland St Surry Hills named " Dimitris "...
    Settled down to serious work , saving & a mortgage in the 90's & am about ready to reap the rewards real soon ....
    Looking forward to spending & travelling thru Greece & the rest of Europe in the coming years .
  8. jathanas
    Dimitrios - Awesome to have you "on-board" mate!
    Carlita - Yia sou & Welcome to the group.
  9. Dimitrios
    I'll be away again in less than 24 hrs , so someone give discovolante pm .
    I sent argogos a pm , but it seems he may not be Greek .
  10. AnnaBanana
    Yia, everybody
    My family hails from Lefkada, and I lived in Athens. My favorite scent is the perfume of the many flowers and herbs under the sunshine of my grandfather's village, Agios Nikitas. Anna
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