Any *serious* L'Ombre Fauve and Bois de Copaiba fans?

  1. Amit
    Holler at me!
  2. Pour_Monsieur
    L'Ombre is amazing , Im obsessed !!! Dont own a bottle YET just a small sample - until it runs out
  3. Doctor Mod
    Doctor Mod
    I recently tested Bois de Copaiba. It's definitely on my wishlist now.
  4. Irena Dubrovna
    Irena Dubrovna
    Bois de Copaiba reminds me of my first love, L'heure Bleue. And L'Ombre Fauve is my grown up Coco. I wore it today, on a balmy evening, and could not have felt as conspicuously sexual if I had left the house without clothes.
  5. danny1967
    l'ombre fauve is probably one of the few dirty, animalic ambers/patchouli combinations that i like and it is on my wishlist. i cannot remember if i have tried bois de copaiba but i'm sure i have a sample somewhere from les senteurs, that reminds me that i have to give it a try.
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