stores that sell Egoiste in SoCal?

  1. VelvetDon25
    while visiting relatives here in LA I was wondering if there is any places that sell Egoiste? I have tried Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomingdales, Macys, Sears, and even the Chanel Boutique in South Coast Plaza.... none carries them and the Chanel SA has informed me that they have not stocked up on Egoiste for quite some time now.
  2. Astaroth
    I tried Egoiste less than a week ago at either Macy's or Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza.
  3. VelvetDon25
    thank you. I never thought to check out Nordstrom and Macy's at Southcoast. Though I did look at Macy's and Nordstrom at other malls and they only had the Platinum Egoiste.
  4. Astaroth
    I saw a single 100ml bottle of Egoiste at Barneys in Beverly Hills this weekend. They're charging the usual retail price of $72. It's getting tough to find non-tester bottles of this juice, although you can still buy it directly from the Chanel website here.
  5. VelvetDon25
    thank you Astaroth.
  6. Asha
    I thought it was at Saks in South Coast that we saw the Egoiste....

    I never looked at the boutique on Rodeo drive, but they are a well-stocked shop, so it may be worth a try.
  7. Astaroth
    Was it at Saks? I don't remember now. I'll be buying a bottle of this soon, but I'm toying with the idea of buying it directly from Chanel on their website. I saw a single bottle at Barney's Beverly Hills. But for all I know, it's not even there anymore.
  8. arwen_elf
    I would imagine they also sell it at the Chanel boutique in South Coast Plaza.
  9. Astaroth
    I was wondering the same thing. I think I saw it there, but they might also have just been pushing the Platinum version.
  10. Astaroth
    I bought a 100ml bottle of Égoïste at the Chanel boutique at 400 N Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon ... and it was their last bottle. But I'm sure within another week they will receive more.
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