Van Cleef & Arpels

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  1. shamu1
    I think of Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme as an "elegant powerhouse". It has a lot of qualities of a typical classic and timeless scent (e.g., bitter chypre notes, talc notes), but its dark moss base and its killer potency make this a legitamite powerhouse as well. Some people really hate this scent because it does have some qualities that date it a bit, and it does bring memories of the decadence of the early 1980s. But this is some deadly juice. It is insanely dense and complex, almost to the level of Oscar de La Renta Pour Lui. I wore this today, and 14 hours after application, I can still smell it on me. I love this stuff.
  2. seasoldiermarine
    It is a great frag. I remember wearing it in the 80's when I wasn't a frag buff and liking it. I have to track this one down and try it again
  3. shamu1
    I've heard from a lot of Basenoters that VCA reformulated this, but that the new formulation is still great and is just about the same as the original. I haven't smelled the new formulation, but I'm interested in trying it.
  4. SillageMonger
    I bought Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme about 2 years ago, and have to agree that this is a truly elegant fragrance, and without a doubt, a true powerhouse. I must have the reformulation (if it has been reformulated), but regardless, there is a quality about this one that really stands out. I wore it a couple of weeks ago and in the future I will have to be careful to limit my application. Really powerful juice. I notice that as with Quorum, there don't appear to be any synthetic notes of any kind. Real quality. I will be reaching for the Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme more frequently as I am coming to appreciate its qualities more with each wearing! thanks for reminding me of just how classy (and dense) this one is.
  5. shamu1
    SM, I've been told that I have the old version of VCA (I have a 1 oz. with a removable cap), so I haven't tried the reformulation. I posted a thread on the mens forum about VCA a few months back, and everyone said that the new version is just as good as the old, with very little difference b/w the two. Everyone said the new version stays true to the old, and is just excellent.
  6. shamu1
    I tried the reformulated version of Van Cleef last week for the first time. At first I got worried because the initial application lacked the biting, killer edge that the original has in its top notes. It smelled a bit dull by comparison. But within five minutes, I could feel the teeth of this powerhouse starting to bite through, and by 20 minutes or so, the full extent of Van Cleef's raging glory was apparent - the leather, lavender, powderiness, patchouli and oakmoss all came together beautifully.

    So now I'm satisfied knowing that when my current bottle of the old stuff runs out, I can purchase a bottle of the current formulation without any loss in quality. Van Cleef have done a nice job in reformulating this juice. It really does stay pretty true to the original. Any of you who like this new version and haven't sampled the original aren't missing much, if anything.
  7. SillageMonger
    I have yet to wear this one to work, Shamu. Intimidating??? Yes, indeed. With the sole exception of Oscar de la Renta pour Lui, Van Cleef & Arpels will require the most precisely controlled application of any juice I own when I wear it to work. After I do, I will post the results in my "Fragrances in the Workplace" thread! Man, I love VC&A (I own the reformulation). Classic juice!
  8. ruffin
    VC&A PH is the winner and grand standing no 1 in my powerhouse list forever. Opening as a bazooka launching with target that identify who the owner's. VC&A PH very powerfull, brute, macho & sexy for all time. Be careful don't shoot this juice not more than 3 shoots, the result will burning & destroyed ur nose & throat. Not for citrusis, fresh & aquatic fans.
  9. shamu1
    Yep. Van Cleef is in my Top Ten favorite list for sure. I'd have to say it's my #2 favorite powerhouse. My #1 favorite is a tie between Kouros and Giorgio (Mazzolari Lui has dropped down a little on my list simply because I don't wear it that often).
  10. PawelL
    I got a sample of VINTAGE Van Cleef & Arpels and tested it recently. I have no idea what the refolmulation smells like but the original is excellent to my inexperienced nose. It's a darkly enigmatic scent that brings to mind . . . the ancient Greece section of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Wunderbar.
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