Van Cleef & Arpels

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  1. ruffin

  2. PawelL
    It's fantastic you took the time, Ruffin. Thank you. Now that'll help everyone who's interested in this heavenly essence.
  3. nenugal
    I finally got a bottle of this (the new version) yesterday. VC&A Tsar is already a favourite, and I like this one even more!
  4. shamu1
    Yes, Tsar is an excellent frag too. If only it had the longevity and sillage of VCA, it would be an all time favorite of mine. However, I do remember Tsar as being a big powerhouse when I wore it back in the early 90s - I'm assuming it had not been reformulated yet. But like you, I also prefer VCA.
  5. Slayerized
    Finally got this powerhouse for very cheap! 100ml of perfect juice in the right verision and imo and like a powerhouse should be: refined, strong, classy and mature!
    For me it doesn't smell dated! For the rest I can only concur to what Shamu and others described in the beginning of this thread. I can add that longevity is like 8 hrs of which 3 hrs are good on projection and 5 hrs closer to the skin but very noticable! The opening is not that heavy as eg. Quorum or Lapidus is and VC A can be used more sprays of. For new buyers, plz make sure you get the right version indeed! The one with the leaf motive on the package and saying: 'Pour Homme' on the bottle is definitely the one to get! (see picture):

  6. Derbyman
    It's great isn't it Slayer? Classy & refined for sure but with a dark, brooding edge - I have the same version as you (albeit in a smaller 30ml size!) and I tend to wear it for nights out , that type of thing. I agree, it doesn't smell dated - it has a timeless quality and smells way higher than its price tag would suggest.
  7. Slayerized
    Thanks Derby!
    Yes, it even went straight to my Top 10 (whatever that is worth, lol)! It's so fucking masculine without being too heavy on the leather (like Bel Ami) and I really like that bit of a soapy vibe to it as it's just right and gives this heavy weight even some freshness (at least it does to me)!

    I did not know that this version had a 30ml?! I thought only 50 and 100ml and that only the all black package version or the vintage had 30ml seizes?! In what seasons do you wear it? For me it can be used always except in 25 degrees and up! (Celsius)
  8. Slayerized
    It does exist indeed, but it's almost only to be found on the homepage of Vc A themselves!
    They do not sell that 30ml version anywhere!

    By the way, I just bought this 30ml bottle version recently of Tsar! (dark green glass, nice little 30ml version for less than 20 bucks) Also great stuff and not to compare with PH.
  9. Swanky
    Classy and timeless both accurately describe VC&A. It's one of my favorites, too and one that I've had for over twenty years (the same bottle) since a little goes a long way.
  10. Slayerized
    20 years the same bottle?
    I use 5 sprays at least of this stuff every time I wear it. 2 neck, 1 chest and two on arms. (ok, I wore it twice now, lol as I just got my 100ml bottle)
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