Fred Segal on Melrose is having a 50% off sale this Friday-Saturday

  1. socalwoman
    Only in the Los Angeles store (Apothia) on Melrose, not in Santa Monica. This coincides nicely with the Barney's Bag Event this Thursday through Saturday.
  2. Astaroth
    Too bad parking is so bad in that neighborhood. Too many paparazzi trying to photograph Lindsey Lohan with no underwear on.
  3. socalwoman
    Now both stores have marked the clearance items down to 75% off. BURN Liquid is not only 75% off, if you buy two at that price, you get a third free. I'll be there around lunchtime today. If anyone can make it say Hi to the fat old lady with long hair.
  4. Andrew_B.
    I wish I could make it. I had a lot of fun the last time I was there.
  5. socalwoman
    I had a great time! I met another fragranista there and we happened to run into a third which was a very pleasant surprise. I picked up seven BURN Rare candles, two bottles of Sel des Fleurs, an Elizabeth W hand set and assorted skin care items. At least I managed to resist getting backup bottles of Laura Tonatto scents. I'm telling myself the candles are for gifts this Christmas. Yeah, right.
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