1. YouCanCallMeMo
    Here, I reshare some thoughts from July, 2009.

    ...I get the idea of "old lady" clothes...frumpy, sexless items that forget the pleasures of the senses....but "Old Lady Perfume?" The mere act of applying scent is an acknowledgement of the sensual....

    Once, buying good perfume was a right of passage, when a girl asserted her "grownup-ness" by buying a serious fragrance. But, now, femininity in fragrance is girlishness. And, yes, One meaning of Feminine is Girlish. But, there's another.


    "Old Lady Perfume" rules. It has no use for candy coatings.

    "Old Lady Perfume" would kick your ass, but "Old Lady Perfume" is far too elegant to be so vulgar.

    So, Old Lady lovers....what brings you here? Do you collect vintage formulations, historic scents? Do you love a beautiful fragrance that has stood the test of time? Maybe you want to share your latest find from ebay or a local flea market! This is the place!
  2. Eleanore
    What brings me here is that I love perfumes like Joy, Bal A Versaille, L'heure Bleue and new perfumes that smell old; perfumes like Amouage's Lyric Woman, Gold for Women and Fredrick Malle's En Passant. I'm so pleased that there's a group on this website that shares my passion and my taste in perfumes.
  3. Madame du Barry
    While I'm definitely not old fashioned, I love old fashioned scents - i.e. L'Heure Bleue, Shalimar and so on. There is a reason why they have withstood time.
  4. schell
    Hello everyone! My first post on BaseNotes ever, but I've been a longtime lurker. I love the idea of an "old lady perfume" section. I've only ever been an old lady perfume type. My first scent memories are of my grandmother in loads of Youth Dew--delicious! I'd be wearing it today if my husband would let me.
    My first perfume was Emeraude. In the eighties, with my friends reeking of Giorgio et al., I was the powdery grandma...and still am today(only the vintage stuff, though). However, most days I can be found in Guerlain. I love Jicky, Chamade and Mitsouko. My current favorite is Sous le Vent. I've finished a rather large decant and just received my full bottle last week, so we're in our honeymoon phase...
  5. reine
    At the ripe old age of 57, I find myself more and more annoyed by the callow youth dissing the classic perfumes that I love (and wear!)
    The reason Mitsouko has been around for a century is because it is a masterpiece, a classic, beloved by generations of women (of all ages).
    I cannot see many new releases that I expect to be selling in a hundred years!

    Old lady and very pleased with my treasures - Vent Vert, Mitsouko, Shalimar, Bellogdia, Youth Dew!

  6. smellageNewbie
    I have always felt that perfume was a very timeless thing. My mother did not wear makeup, and was not into fashion. But she liked Chanel No. 5, and it was a traditional Xmas gift, both for her and for me, even from my brothers once we had all grown up. I still respect Chanel, though I don't currently own a bottle. Anyone who dissed No. 5 as an OLD LADY PERFUME in my vicinity would get their ass kicked one way or another. I have my ways.

    During my youth in the 70's and 80's I tried a lot of fragrances, most of which I only liked for an hour or so, because I didn't know what I was doing. Only recently, since being able to sample have I been able to try some other truly great fragrances, have I found Mitsouko and other great perfumes. I also love Lavender, which ... well enough said on that. I also really like Tabac Blond, and most perfumes that I like say I would also like L'Heure Bleu, but they say that it was so much better in vintage, so I don't even want to try it in its current form. So hello other Old Ladies, let's kick some ass!!!
  7. BetsyMeszaros
    I like the older perfumes because they have depth, character, and they smell wonderful.

    The new modern perfumes only have two flavors to me. They are vanilla and fruity floral. They don't last and they all smell alike.

    On the other hand I know immediately when I smell Shalimar, Mitsouko, the old formula Opium, Chanel, etc. I also get compliments from men on my perfume constantly.

  8. MargaretJ
    At 49, I have no interest in smelling like a little girl - I didn't want that even when I *was* a little girl! Love's Baby Soft gave me nightmares in the 70's, LOL. I'm a huge fan of Caron's Poivre, the original Ivoire, Coriandre, Bandit, Joy, Cabochard, Youth-Dew, Opium, Yatagan, etc. I desperately miss Gucci 3 and Maroc, which were go-to scents of my high school and college years. Newer scents I favor include Dzongkha and Agarbathi.

    I'm actually coming to find the trend toward not just "youthful" but "kiddie" everything (scents, food, fashion) quite creepy. Does anyone else feel this way? In the era of #metoo and #time's up, why do (some) women want to smell like candy? I don't hate all sweet scents, mind you - actually, it will always make me sad that Arpege and Fracas don't work with my body chemistry. I just don't get the fashion for cutesy stuff.
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