Is Ma Griffe old woman-worthy?

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  1. queen cupcake
    queen cupcake
    I'm slowly acquiring some favorite vintage fumes. Is vintage Ma Griffe something we "old women" like? I occasionally run across rave reviews of the old juice. It's one I never had the pleasure of owning or trying, so I am counting on you folks to give me the scoop...
  2. TaoLady
    Oh geeze, girl GO FOR IT!! And if you don't like it I will HAPPILY take it off your hands. It ain't what it used to be .... but the original is an original and terrif-kick chypre.
  3. Guest 3
    Guest 3
    It definitely qualifies, in my book. I have the recent version, and I enjoy it, but it's not as nice as the one I remember from the 70s. And I'm sure that one wasn't as nice as ones before that.
  4. Jane Daly
    Jane Daly
    Ma Griffe is green fabulosity- way too stylish and chic to be mistaken for a young fruity floral

    Sophisticated- one review I read somwhere (can't recall or I would credit it!) called it a "pointy" green scent. Perfect. Not for the immature :P
  5. msveronica9
    Hi, I'm new to this group, and fairly new to perfume collecting (but eager to get involved in these conversations!).

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to re-visit a recent version of Ma Griffe owned by a friend. It was the tallish flattish spray bottle with an emerald green lid (very cheap here in Australia in chemists/drugstores).

    I think I can finally appreciate this scent! Now that I have acquired a few "green" scents such as Ivoire, Safari and Chanel 19, I have developed a nostalgic liking for this style. These fragrances remind me of being shower-clean in the 70's - not necessarily because they were made in that era but because I must have encountered either these or similar fragrances during that decade. It's summer here in Melbourne and I am just craving sharp, green, fresh scents!

    So to answer the question "is Ma Griffe old woman-worthy?". It's a "YES" from this old woman who has just hunted down a small vintage bottle on eBay to add to my collection.
  6. VintageVogue
    Hi. I have two iterations of Ma Griffe and like both. The later of the two dates back a few years, and I haven't smelled the very latest. But what I have is great, IMO. Definitely qualifies to be an old lady fragrance, IMO.
  7. Eleanore
    Ma Griffe should definately be in every Old Lady's perfume wardrobe. It's green and fresh--yet old fashionned. It's one of those perfumes that you can put on very quickly (because you can't decide what you want to wear) and you'll still be appropriate wherever you go. I've been wearing it to bed for the past 3 months. It has a very calming effect on me. Sometimes I spray it in the bath water and on my pillows. Try it out.
  8. reine
    Though it was introduced later than she became famous, I can see Katharine Hepburn wearing Ma Griffe - it is stylish, self-assured, green specialness! Buy that bottle!

  9. actiasluna
    I'd say Ma Griffe is. (I did a li'l review of two "generations" of MG... it's got its Old Lady Scent props as far as I'm concerned.) (and I did warm to it in warmer weather.)
  10. Mrs H
    Mrs H
    Ma Griffe is hugely Old Lady in the best possible way! Astringent, sharp green, drys down to that real 'perfumey' scent. Brilliant
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