Spray Mechanism

  1. Nicolas V
    Nicolas V
    I think I have it figured out, but perhaps the reason why Kouros is so often over-applied (and thus despised) is that unlike other scents, the spray is such a non-event that people use more than is necessary. It is not even like a normal spray ("pssst" or "pffft"), but a "puh". Perhaps it should come with a sound effect or something--like a bomb going off, a shotgun, or a woman moaning--to signal that something major just happened.

    The reason I write this is because Kouros is major juice--a rare example of an edt that contains edp power, sillage, and longevity--yet people mistakenly think that because so little emerged from the spray they'll need more. Big mistake. In reality, you only need about one to two.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Nicolas V
    Nicolas V
    Maybe not.
  3. easykiller
    I totally agree.
  4. Jenot
    It's quality that counts, not quantity. Certainly if you overspray this, you're gonna be a walking bioweapon. I sometimes spritz 3 times, but that's waaay too much and very brash
  5. Scent-e-mental
    Totally correct, the sprayer mechanism dispenses only a small amount of spray (about half of what some do - say Giorgio of Bevely Hills for Men). Three sprays last all day.
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