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  1. kumquat
    Hi everyone, I have been thinking about some of my favorites that are actually modern but have the old-style. Some are sort of obscure so bear with me. I find samples at TPC and then they are hard to get FB. But it's worth it if you are smitten. One that comes to mind in that category is I Profumi Firenze - Tulipano Negro (the black tulip) It is sooo old school. Has anyone else run across this one? Gorgeous. I'm thinking of an FB, but you have to get it directly from an Italian co. using a bank draught. What a pain.

    Also - The Party in Manhattan. I just have a decant of this one as it is pricey. A great chypre in the style of Guerlain's Djedi. I just bought the lotion from Luckyscent to use with Djedi. I hope it is a good mix.
  2. kumquat
    Acqua di Parma Profumo - When I first tried this (vintage) I thought this was my holy grail. It is just about perfect in every way. Does anybody else want to rant on about this one? A beautiful chypre. Just smooth and lush. the new version is very good, not as much moss, but quite lovely, too.

    I'm forgetting a bunch, I'll come back with others, but you all can help me think of more.
  3. Leesee
    Hmmm. . . I think of OJ Tolu as old-style. Also PdN Sacrebleu. I'm sure there are more in my collection but none are coming to mind at the moment.

    I have been curious about The Party in Manhattan, but the I Profumi scents I tried did not do it for me; I have never tried their Tulipano Negro, though.
  4. Classics Lover
    Classics Lover
    Hi everyone! I'd consider Gold and Dia [Amouage] as "old-fashioned" fragrances in that they are sophisticated scents that blend together really well - and are very floral and powdery - I love those 2.
  5. Evangeline
    I'm so glad you brought this up, Kumquat. Thanks!

    The two that I know of aren't niche (is that okay?) - Agent Provocateur and Hermes Rouge, and I adore both of them. I was actually surprised by the Hermes - I got it early in 2001, but I had no idea that it was a recent release. I was even a bit miffed at myself for not discovering it sooner, completely assuming it had been around since the 80s.

    I really haven't had very much experience with modern, and especially niche fragrances. And when I'm browsing, I always seem to be searching for something that reminds me of my old favorites, probably because most have been discontinued and are almost irreplaceable. I'm finding the task of picking a few samples out of the seemingly infinite number to be overwhelming, so this discussion can really point me in the right direction.

    I've jotted down what y'all have already mentioned, and I'm eager to see what everyone else has to add.
  6. kumquat
    Evangeline, I think there are no wrong answers, so fire away! Hermes Rouge certainly has that old world depth, sort of a musky rose, isn't it? I think it may have a lot in common with Lyric for Women. And ,yes, thanks for reminding us of the great Amouage frags, Classics Lover. They really do have the old world thing going on, don't they? Especially Gold & Jubilation 25. I'm not familiar with Dia. I need to check & see if I have a sample of it.
  7. kumquat
    Tolu is another rose that is in the same category as Lyric, wouldn't you say? Sacrebleu, too, is certainly rich enough. I'm not sure which older frag it reminds me of. What about you Leesee, does it remind you of anything in particular? It's a odd duck for me. I don't love it, but I appreciate it.
    Below are two of my favorite unknown perfumes & where to purchase. I have never had a problem with this co. although some have. It is a little bit of a cheapo discount place, but they have some good stuff, like this! you won't be sorry. These are both golden magic in a bottle.
  8. vintage*red
    I consider SacreBleu (both the regular & the intense versions) to be classical in nature. Odalisque was on the list, too, until Parfums de Nicolai changed it. And Chergui is done in the tradtional style. I love Chergui and hope that it doesn't change.
  9. kumquat
    I was wearing Madini perfume oil- Alma de Alma yesterday & it is very close to Miss Dior, but just a little fresher & greener. It is really fun to wear as it is very perky.
    Anyway, some others you may like to try (all are deep, classic in feel) : Ambargris, Henna, Chipre, Maderas de Oriente, Tulipe.
  10. WidgeryWinks
    My experience as an "old lady" perfume wearer started 15 years ago when a young man at work said my perfume was the same as his mothers! (Lentheric Panache) and I still love it inspite of its "department store" price. I have purchased Je Reviens a number of times and only realised it was an old lady perfume when someone wrote these words in an article " a strong smell of Je Reviens wafting from a mature woman at the David Jones (up market department store) counter."

    I believe violets is another classic older style - and I love my Les Meteorites in spite of that!
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