What is your favorite YSL pour homme?

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  1. Nicolas V
    Nicolas V
    YSL has produced some absolutely fantastic fragrances for men throughout the years. What is your favorite?

    Mine would have to be Kouros (and the line), but I am very fond of M7, Rive Gauche, and Live Jazz as well.
  2. Karenin
    I love Kouros, M7, Opium PH, Rive Gauche PH and nowadays Im using YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration- pure delight, highly recommended!
  3. OlfactoryExperience
    The best thing about YSL is you can find a fragrance for any occasion you can think of. Day, evening, formal, casual, special, romantic, party, club, fresh, manly, dry, sweet, cool, and hot....they do it all! If I had a rotation of only YSL it would look like,

    Day: Rive Gauche, Live Jazz, Kouros, M7 Fresh, YSL PH(haven't actually tried this one but I can imagine...), perhaps L'Homme

    Night: M7, Body Kouros, Jazz Prestige

    Romantic: Opium, Jazz
  4. Duncan
    Opium pour homme EDT and EDP. OPH is my first real frag I purchased (duty free store in Orlee aport, Paris). When I started to run dry I bought a replacement through FragranceShop.com and started thinking about other frags. OPH is one of the top 3 anchors in my WD. Sweet, spicey, fermenty, masculine, great longevity and sillage.
  5. gupts
    Hard to pick up one....YSL has some fantastic fragrances in its arsenal and I love most of them....Starting from M7, M7 Fresh, Jazz, Live Jazz, Kouros, YSL pour homme & Opium pour homme edp.....However I don't like Rive Gauche (anymore)
  6. Un profumo affettuoso
    Un profumo affettuoso
    My favourite is "Y" by YSL from 1964, followed by Vintage Rive Gauche. I also like Paris, Opium and Kouros.
  7. HammerFist
    Mine is Kouros! There's absolutely no rival to this when I look out for a masculine, powerful and lasting fragrance.
  8. DeepSilence
  9. bienseant
    It seems that hard to choose one of fragrance from YSL. almost I love all of YSL pour homme Special " M7" and " kouros" and this days i wear the "opium orient" ...
  10. valkriz
    Started out in life without knowing even that I loved YSL's Kouros.. as a child in the late 80's my Dad wore it for quite some time. Became interested in fragrance and blind bought a bottle of Kouros and was taken back in time by the smell realizing its what he always wore.. Love Kouros, M7, and Kouros Kraicheur. Like Opium Pour Homme and Rive Gauche. La Nuit L'Homme isn't so bad either.
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