Mac Users!

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  1. Vivek
    Wow! I have a Mac Mini, my Dad has a MacBook Pro and theres an iMac in the Study! I might also get a MacBook Air for when I start Sixth Form, do I qualify :P
  2. Niles
    My brother converted me to Macs (iMac to be specific) after I was disappointed by a series of pcs. I've never looked back.
  3. JaimeB
    Macs rule! Long live Macs and long live Basenotes!
  4. Ronald
    What's up, Apple grouplet? I'm typing to you on a Mac PowerBook G4 -- if I'm not on this computer, then I'm probably on my wife's new MacBook. Let's Basenote in style...
  5. noirwest
    Living in a mac junkyard, I have 18 up and running, oh, 20 if you count the clones.
  6. Grant
    if a group has 5+ members, it gets its
    own forum!
  7. Amit
    iMac and a clone here
  8. Circa1905
    iMac here, for less than a year. That makes approximately 34 years that my life has been incomplete. I'll never go back.
  9. Bromo33333
    Mac since 1988, Apple since 1978! Been through the bad (real bad) days of Mac ... and enjoying the company renewal ... so not changing any time soon! Mac Pro dual G5 ... looking to get new Intel Mac in the next year or two!
  10. Sorcery of Scent
    Macs allll the way friends! As a designer I would never use anything else!
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