Mac Users!

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  1. Scentronic
    Mac mini + bigscreen tv + wireless keyboard and mouse = the way to go!

    (the object being - to never get off the couch!)
  2. Quarry
    Have used publishing-related computers since 1973; on a G4 nowadays.
  3. fredricktoo
    I've been a Mac user since 89 when I got a used Mac Plus and a 20... not monitor. A 20 mb hard drive. Which was a large step up from swapping discs on a Apple II
  4. Vivek
    Lol, most of you have been using Macs for longer than i've been alive, thats a bit scary!
  5. Bricktop
    MBP for about a year. Now it's time to get an iMac for the family. Time to rid the house of the Dark Side.
  6. calculus
    Because of my music hobby, I have used Macs since the Mac Plus and SE days, ca. 1988 (that's 20 years, yikes!). Now on a MBP.
  7. Wordbird
    Work in the design industry and you just have to use a Mac, even if you're just a humble copywriter. Less true now, but once you're hooked...

    Had a really old one (it was old when I got it in 1996!), then I got an eMac and now I've got a macbook as well.
  8. fredricktoo
    Scientific Frenzy Over "ElectroNumeroGraph"
    or is it a MacMod

    Workmen in lower Manhattan uncover amazing Victorian era counting device.

    A construction crew remodeling a sub-basement on Worth St. Tuesday accidentally broke through a wall, uncovering what could only be described as a "Secret Workshop." The space, which was filled with documents, tools and mysterious devices, has proven to be an unprecedented discovery. Continued A3"

    Mod Specs:

    Apple Quicksilver G4 Dual 1ghz
    512 MB Ram
    64 MB VRAM
    120 and 250 Gig Active Cooled Hard Drives
    Apple "Superdrive"
    6 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 1.0 ports
    Dedicated readouts for Volume, Fan Voltage and CPU Temp.
    Can travel through time once it reaches 88 mph
  9. rtamara41
    got a macbook for my birthday from my man and now I got wings to fly, baby!
    launched an arts and writing website with it, just feeling my way through its evolution. suggestions, input or feedback welcome...
    I see an IMac in my family's future.
  10. Haunani
    Aloha fellow Mac-o-philes! I'm enjoying my foray into the fragrance world via a 12" G-4 Powerbook with a studio display and wireless keyboard/mouse. Still using Panther. I suppose I need to find the time to upgrade a bit one of these days!
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