Mac Users!

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  1. Heartwood
    Started with a Bondi Blue iMac in 1999 and never looked back. Now posting from an iBook G4. Dear Husband uses a 15" MBP, and there is an old iMac G4 in the office that seldom gets used these days. DH also has an old 20th Anniversary Mac carefully stored in the garage that he wants to get rid of, but I won't let him!
  2. Morticia
    Yay, I'm a Maccy! In a group, even. LOL

    Do y'all know the biggest MAC lover is Brit actor Stephen Fry?
  3. nenugal
    I use a white macbook at home and a black macbook at work. My first computer was a second hand Macintosh Plus but I was also a Dos/Windows/Linux user for a long time before returning to the Mac.
  4. thatsmr2usir
    I luv Mac's! There is nothing better...... I would not dream of going back to Windows...
  5. comsatzinger
    Made the switch a year ago.
    Really good idea.
  6. RuRu
    I have an iBook G4, it's getting old but I love it so. I need an upgrade soon and will of course buy another mac. I use it in business and it never lets me down. My DH installed a windows thing on it for me when I need to access our accounting software which will only run on windows.
  7. MFfan310
    Hello, fellow Mac fans! I have both an iMac (the first Intel-based one) and a MacBook for travel... I can tolerate XP (and have an XP partition on my Macs just in case I run into Windoze-only environments), but I've heard so many bad things about Vista that I don't even want to touch it. BTW, has anyone seen Micro$oft's "Mojave Experiment" ads where they show Vista to XP and Mac users and fool them into thinking it's a new product? You couldn't fool me after that first blue-screen!

    P.S.: The reason why I had Tux (the Linux penguin) as my avatar for a while is because I support Microsoft alternatives in general... and yes, I do have a Linux partition on my iMac.
  8. mrclmind
    Hi All. I'm a new basenoter, and an avid Mac user!! I have a MacBook Pro and an Imac.

  9. RubenC
    Hello Mac Friends and fellow Basenoter's, I've been using Macs since 1984 fom the Mac SE down to my current set a MacBook Pro and a G5 at home. I use it for business and home use with no regrets, especially since Apple shares have been so good to me all these years!!
  10. deadhacker
    indeed I've landed to wear I set off to land " Mac Land ", I knew all those nice ppl on Basenotes were avid Mac users as I am, I got my first Mac when I was 5.5 years old and now at 22 I'm still going on the Mac highway. ;-)

    currently I'm enjoying a Macbook Pro (gen 1) and will be upgrading soon.:-)

    So keep on rocking Apple.
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