Miss Dior - Any fans?

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  1. kumquat
    There is so much talk of new potions coming out. All of which are (sorry) just too sweet for me. I have all but given up on dept store frags. Is there anyone else who loves the sharp green galbanum of Miss Dior? What other frags can you think of that put you in mind of Miss Dior?
  2. YouCanCallMeMo
    Miss Dior is on my to-try list, but I am a total galbanum FREAK! Here is my working list of galbanum deliciousness, ordered from least sweet/floral to most sweet/floral.

    Givenchy III
    Estee Lauder Private Collection
    Vent Vert (1947 formulation)
    Bel Respiro
    Vent Vert (Grass-top bottle formulation)
    Chanel No 19
    O de Lancome
  3. kumquat
    Girl, if you've never tried it - then you are in for a major eye-opening! It is the absolute gateway to old-lady frags IMO. And Cabochard is not far behind. (Although it is not about galbanum the way Miss Dior is.)
  4. kumquat
    Mo just reminded me, Balmain Ivoire is also very close to Miss Dior. They are kissing cousins.
  5. VintageVogue
    Hi, kumquat. You know I love Miss Dior. What's in a name? Obviously a lot, if your name is Miss Dior and you have the misfortune of having been reformulated to the point you don't resemble your original form. If Miss Dior had a different name, I think the reaction to the newer version would be quite different and on the positive side. That said, yes, I do like the new Miss Dior. There's something about Arpege that reminds me of Miss Dior. I'm not saying they're alike, just something similar in each of them.
  6. Madame du Barry
    Chanel 19 is similar to Miss Dior - at least on my skin.
  7. Un profumo affettuoso
    Miss Balmain is a bit similar, too. I'd also name Givenchy III before reformulation - and Scherrer I - although Miss Dior is sharper - the current version is reformulated and not as good as it used to be.
  8. bogsc
    I love Miss Dior (vintage...haven't tried the new stuff) and now need to try wrist to wrist comparisons with Miss Balmain and Chanel 19, cause I don't think of them as similar at all. Think I'll also try wrist to wrist comparison with one of my 3 vintage versions of Bal a Versailles cause when I think of Miss Dior I think of slightly powdery but intoxicating leather and as I recall one of my versions of Bal a Versailles was like that.
  9. Ms Rochambeau
    Ms Rochambeau
    I think that anyone who loves Miss Dior as I do (It's at the top of the list of my favorite vintage perfumes) would also like Shocking de Schiaparelli. Also, if you like galbanum, Ralph Lauren's Safari is beautiful.
  10. bookwyrmsmith
    I love Miss Dior (it's on my multi-backup list,1 edc,1edt,and 2 parfum though one of those is a mini).For another Galbanum fix try Eau de Soir.
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