Sung Homme

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  1. shamu1
    Yeah, I heard he likes to layer it with Bijan Men.
  2. Dimitrios
    pheww , im glad to hear that SillageM ...
    You all have a great & safe X'mas .....
  3. Pollux
    Synthetic note? I smell paper as in packages containing audio & video equipment. Odd, but I like it.
  4. seasoldiermarine
    Just tried this one on New Years eve, It's not bad at all. I was at a party in a club to ring in the new year and went to the Men's room. They had about 10-12 different frags on the counter (lets see if I can recall them, Aqcua di Gio, Cool Water, Bulgari Black, Paco Rabanne XS, Azzaro Chrome Legend, Lapidus Pour Homme, Drakkar Noir. don't remember the others but have to admit some of these are good scents) and lo and behold right ther staring at me, Sung Homme. Had to try it. Man, this thing attacked my neck, it is strong. SM, you described this one pretty good, some of my friends were asking me if I just smoked a cigar LOL. 4 sprays and it lasted all night, if I would've put another 4 they would have shut down the club. Got two compliments from Lady Friends, My girlfriend noticed immediately I never wore this one before. She put her face on my neck and asked "what is that" so I told her. She said it's interesting, which for her means its good
  5. shamu1
    Any club that has a bottle of Lapidus Pour Homme and Sung Homme sitting next to the sink in the mens' room has got to be a pretty cool place. In fact, that amazes me because neither of those are in any way trendy and in fact are probably considered outdated by a lot of folks today.

    So your girlfried liked Sung? Sounds like she's a powerhouse junkie! You don't just casually enjoy a scent like Sung Homme. That's a serious powerhouse
  6. seasoldiermarine
    Man I was shocked they had these classics, but I think it's because the Patron's at this joint are not all, but usually 35-55 years old (whenever I hang out with my Girlfreind, She's usually the Young Gal in the place. She's 27) incidently the ladies told me in the ladies room they had Chanel No 5, Angel, Sunflowers, Red Door and the usual new trendy frags. We have to admit these are all Classics
  7. seasoldiermarine
    BTW Shamu, Love the Avatar. LOL we need a scorecard to keep up with you're players
  8. SillageMonger
    Sounds like a pretty cool nightclub, Sea. Was this just for New Year's eve, or do they always have the rest rooms stocked with good frags?
  9. seasoldiermarine
    I've been there about 5 times in around 4-5 years and they've only had frags the last 2 or 3 times I've been there. This joint is My friend Glen's fave. Him and his wife invited us there for New Years, we were party of 6. Great time
  10. SillageMonger
    Well, Shamu.....I responded to one of your posts in the Men's Fragrance Forum, but I thought it was relevant enough to drag over to the powerhouse forum:

    That synthetic note bothers me a little also; but you really think that the average person can detect that there is a "synthetic note" in your fragrance (Sung Homme)? I have been wearing Sung Homme quite a bit lately, and I have decided that although that "stale cigarette butt" synthetic note (which I happen to enjoy - as it is the "character-note" of this frag) is very evident to me, the average person (who is basically fragrance/note-ignorant) doesn't have a clue. What do you think, Basenoters???

    Do you really think that anyone else (who might smell 2 fragrances per year on someone else in passing) would say to themselves: "My God, man.....this guy is wearing a frag with a heavily synthetic note?" I say they're all "Soylent Green!"
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