Sung Homme

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  1. SillageMonger
    I just bought a 7 ounce bar of authentic Sung Homme soap-on-a-rope today!!! I will be interested to see if it has a synthetic odor to it. It smells really strong. I'll put it into service sometime in February and report back! I'm liking Sung Homme more every time I wear it. It will never reach my top 20 list, but it's still an interesting one!
  2. shamu1
    Soap on a rope - talk about "old-school" tradition! Sounds good.

    I wore Sung again today, and every time I wear this I always think that this scent must have a very limited audience because it's so strong and just so unusual. I first smelled Sung about 15 years ago, when I first got into colognes, and I have yet to smell anything that even remotely resembles it. The only thing I see it having in common with other 80s powerhouses is its huge sillage and face-melting power. This is a one of a kind scent, and one I don't see too many people wanting to wear, just because it's so extreme and weird. I like it.
  3. seasoldiermarine
    Sillage, the average person is ignorant about frags. They just like a frag, or not like a frag. BTW, impressed with the Soap on a rope. I remember as a kid always getting an English Leather "soap on a rope" from Someone. Actually liked it.
  4. shamu1
    Sung Homme just keeps growing on me more every time I wear it. Just a few months ago I didn't like it, then I got a bottle in a trade with SillageMonger, gave it 3 stars rating, now I've moved it up the ladder to four stars. What's more, my wife loves it - she tells me it's a very sexy scent. Excellent frag!
  5. perfaddict
    Now i have to spray SH on my hand after work for my usual evening sniff!
  6. SillageMonger
    perfaddict, my need at least 6 shots of Sung Homme or Lapidus pour Homme for your next business meeting. I wish I could be there wearing the same frag as you to help you out-gun the competition (not to mention that I've always wanted to spend some time in Nigeria)!!!

    I remember when I lived in London in the late 1980s, the Nigerians I knew were heavy frag spritzers, and they always smelled GOOD! Remember that I am biased since I am a powerfragmonger!
  7. scentimus
    Sung Homme is unique in that it is like a contradiction - it can be clean smelling at times and then very tobacco leathery the next. To me it's cousin is Drakkar Noir -
  8. PawelL
    A BN reviewer mentions an erotic aspect of SH.
    Many seem to smell plastic plants and/or stale fags in it and yet it's been summed up as a great (clean) fragrance.
    What is really 'cool' about it, in your opinion?

  9. shamu1
    The cool thing about Sung Homme is that it's just so damn weird. It's both soft and sweet, and strong and bold. It does have a hint of a stale cigarette-like note in the mix, and it makes it smell kind of raunchy and trashy at the same time. Plus the space-age purple color of the juice is just plain whacked. To me, it smells like it mixes the sexiness of the best women's fragrances with the balls-out nastiness of guys' scents like Quorum and Bijan Men or Kouros. It is, without any doubt, a real bonafide powerhouse, and a multifaceted one at that.
  10. PawelL
    Thanks, Shamu.
    Cannot wait to share an opinion.
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