Sung Homme

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  1. ruffin
    I bought a tester unit Sung Homme (new in plain box). Today i had wear SH before going to my office. 3 shoot like normaly at my chest, neck & both wrists (good sillage & longevity). Opening a blast of power gun remind me a lot of Quarom which burning my nose really powerfull. Aromatic style which develope a fresh synthetic, spicy pine, soapy & leathery/tobacco notes (also remind me on Polo Green but different character). When my body start sweating SH has evolved characters all culminated with the smell of power to center. It's true SH is great powerhouse that has a class of it's own line with huge powerhouse like VCA, Quorum, Kouros & Oscar de la Renta pour Lui. Great and beautiful purple liquid that is secret weapon come out from nozzle. Sung more wearable than Quorum for office wear...
  2. shamu1
    Yeah, I'll agree that Sung is better than Quorum for office wear, mainly because I find it a bit softer than Quorum. However you still have to go easy on the trigger with it. It rises to the level of chemical warfare if you overdo Sung Homme, and I do mean chemical.

    I really like this juice, but still, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the hell is in Sung Homme, other than oakmoss. I've seen the note pyramid, but I'll be damned if I can detect any of those notes in this. Maybe it's just so well blended that I can't distinguish the individual notes. Sung Homme is one of the most bizarre fragrances I have ever worn.
  3. shamu1
    I'm wearing Sung Homme today. I'm going to add it to my own personal category of what I've labelled as "Smooth Powerhouses", along with Giorgio, Moods and KL Homme. This stuff is smooth!What I love about this juice is how it creates this soft but heavy and rich cloud of scent around you. It doesn't attack you - it envelops you. This is a very unique powerhouse indeed.
  4. SillageMonger
    I was just thinking of how well-blended Sung Homme is when I saw that Shamu had posted about how smooth it is. Apart from the synthetic note that we discussed at the beginning of this thread, I can't pick out one other single note or accord. All I can say is that I really like the stuff. Sung Homme is interesting. I enjoy wearing it, it has great longevity, it really is smooth and well-blended, and I have no idea what's in it either!
  5. PawelL
    'It doesn't attack you - it envelops you' - now that's exactly what I'm looking for in the world of scents.

    I have not received it yet, but I just cannot wait!

  6. shamu1
    I cannot imagine you not liking Sung Homme, RR. You obviously love Giorgio, which has a lot in common with Sung in terms of the way it creates this big smooth cloud of smell around you. Also I smell similarities to Bijan. Why? Because Bijan smells to me like the ultimate cigarette smoker's frag! Something about both Bijan and Sung exude a kind of note that reminds me of the smell of a burnt cigarette (I credit Sillage for first pointing that out months ago in his Sung posts), and being a former smoker, I can say that both frags do go well with the smell of cigarette smoke (Quorum is another one that does).
  7. PawelL
    Thank you, Shamu. It's uncanny how responsive you have been to people's diverse tastes. Kudos!
    Now, if SH is a concoction of the two frags you mention, it's clearly my sort of scent. Yippee!
    I'm a heavy smoker, by the way.

    Respectfully, with regards,
  8. PawelL
    I got the Sung Homme today. The scent IMO is fantastic, very 'me' if I may. I love every single thing about it - and the impeccable Art Deco-inspired bottle. One thing I'm not sure about is the sillage but that's perhaps due to the fact, I've been under a lot of mental pressure. A smashing creation all the same. Unique.

    Purple regards,
  9. shamu1
    The sillage is very strong. However, it's a warm, deep smell that projects, so you may not always be able to detect it on yourself, but I can assure you that people several feet away can.

    I find the sillage to be similar to Giorgio's and Azzaro Pour Homme's - a big, warm haze.
  10. PawelL
    This is just to say THANK YOU to Shamu, as well as other Powerhouse enthusiasts for having recommended this gorgeous, gorgeous fragrance. I love it, and the wonderful BN friend who sent it to me as a present.

    Just by the way, some of you may disagree - but it reminds me of Azzaro Homme, the incredibly elegant scent that's somehow too formal for me.

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