Sung Homme

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  1. PawelL
    PS What is the longevity based on your experience, please?
  2. PawelL
    I forgot to mention, I love the treatment of oakmoss in Sung Homme. Just perfect.
  3. PawelL
    To me, Sung Homme is timeless. I have no 1980s associations whatsoever. The note concoction, the colour of the juice, and also the package design make it a thoroughly inspired cologne creation. Five stars if I may.
  4. shamu1
    Glad to hear you really like Sung. I've gotten to love this over time. To me, it does scream out "1980s", but I don't find it outdated. It's a very comfortable powerhouse to wear.

    RR, did you find the sillage and longevity any better the second or third time you tried it?
  5. PawelL
    Not really, to be honest. :-( Which does not change the fact, I love it to bits.
    My next purchase, as soon as cash allows, will be Paul Sebastian - for the myrrh (!!!) AND the alleged superlongevity/projection.

    Kind regards,
  6. ruffin
    Sung working great during hot can last 14 hours on my skin...3 shoots on 8am until 10pm still strong...I love super mossy of oakmoss & leather in Sung...i get great sillage & longetivy after 4x try...

  7. shamu1
    I'm glad to hear this works well in the hot weather ruffin. I didn't get my bottle until a few months ago in the late fall, so I haven't been able to give this a spin in the summer. I could imagine this being even more of a powerhouse in hot weather.
  8. ruffin
    That true shamu1...I live in nice, humid & warm country some time difficult to match frag in powerhouse but Sung great for daily using without over dosage.
  9. Asmo
    Has anyone tried or know where to get a sample of vintage Sung Homme? Was it ever offered in splash form?
  10. shamu1
    Why get an old bottle? Elizabeth Arden bought the license for Sung Homme, and as far as I know they haven't screwed with the formula. The current juice still smells the same as I remember smelling it like16 years ago.
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