Sung Homme

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  1. perfaddict
    I agree with Shamu about the consistency of old and new Sung Hommes.
  2. ruffin
    Most of powerhouse rebirth by EA - Queen of powerhouse with same formula and kick.
  3. dwrestle
    I bought a 1.7oz bottle of Sung Homme at Marshalls for $9 along with a 3.4oz of Azzaro for $15 which I already had a 1.7 but for $15 I couldn't pass it up. I couldn't wait to smell it so I sprayed some in the car(not on myself), and the first thing I thought was WTF! It changed in mid air so fast, and was so unlike anything else. It kind of reminded me of Passion for Men by Liz Taylor, but still totaly different. I really like Sung Homme, and it is one of only two fragrances to make me go WTF(the other was Salvador Dali).
  4. shamu1
    I remember smelling Sung Homme for the first time in the early 90s, and thinking WTF?!? too. It's this big moss bomb with a weird synthetic smell of old used cigarette filters. It's unique, that's for sure, and definitely not for everyone. I think it's a great scent, and a real powerhouse no doubt.
  5. SillageMonger
    Well.....yesterday, Sung Homme received the most compliments in one single day of any fragrance that I own - 4! I have always been a bit reluctant to wear it at work, since I know that it really projects, but I was quite happy with it yesterday and I will now be wearing it regularly at work. I had a 14 hour duty day, applied it (6 shots; one to the chest, one to each forearm [under a long sleeved dress shirt], one shot to each side of the neck, and one misting from above) in the morning and two reapplication spritzes after my 2 hour rest break mid-flight (MUC-ORD), and received compliments from 4 of my lovely female flight attendant coworkers on how beautifully masculine it was. Personally, I love Sung Homme, but was quite surprised at the positive responses. I know that powerhouse juice like Sung Homme can't go unnoticed, but I really didn't expect it to be such a hit. The colleagues that made the compliments are between 44 and 60.
  6. shamu1
    It sounds like you found the perfect amount of juice to wear at work - you got compliments rather than gagging. Sung is one where if you apply it just right, it's ultra-smooth.

    This is a great power frag I should wear more often than I do. i still have a lot of juice left in my 100 ml. bottle, but I just saw a gift set at Marshalls yesterday for $19.99 that has the EDT and aftershave. I'm thinking of snagging it for the aftershave.
  7. PerfumeCollector
    Same here, I get compliments every time I wear Sung Homme,
    I get compliments with Ungaro III, Silver Mountain Water, Richard James, Yatagan, etc. what with Sung????
    Well, it never fails.
  8. Boge
    Shamu1 saud: "...I just saw a gift set at Marshalls yesterday for $19.99 that has the EDT and aftershave. I'm thinking of snagging it for the aftershave."

    Snagged it today. Saw it at Marshall's & TJ Maxx. I have a bottle of the EDT that I have used now & then and really like it. As others have stated, it will get one noticed!!
  9. Swanky
    I've long had an adversarial relationship with Sung but lately we've been singing karaoke together (get it!). It now seems a bit less soapy and mossy and more aromatic. I think I might have finally come around to this one. The near-100 degree temps (fahrenheit) in California these days may have assisted - it's working well in the heat.
  10. Nemanja
    Is this "cigarette butt" note anything like an ashtray smell?
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