Sung Homme

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  1. Slayerized
    After reading this thread again incl. all reviews I finally ordered this (cheap) scent!
    Unfortunately I never smelled it as it's only for sale online; also abroad I never saw this in a perfume store.

    Will keep this thread updated on what I think about Sung Homme but I have a feeling I'll like it! (otherwise I wouldn't have bought it of course)
  2. PerfumeCollector
    Beware !!!!!! the first spritz WILL knock you down LOL
    But it is a fantastic scent, masculine, with lots of fir, pine and oakmoss and it lasts till the cows come home.
    I get more compliments with this perfume that no other, no kidding.
  3. SillageMonger
    Slayerized.....!.....You will love this juice! It may be cheap now, but someday, like all of the really good frags, it will probably be hard to find. From looking at your wardrobe, I would venture to say that Sung Homme will become one of your favorites. Like PerfumeCollector said, this is a fantastic scent and a real compliment getter. I might add that my female European colleagues give the 'raving' compliments of this one. They adore it! I like it more every time I wear it. Let us all know what you think!
  4. Slayerized
    Wooow, you both are so positive!
    Thanks for the input and I will let u all know as soon as I can!
  5. Derbyman
    It's a pretty unusual fragrance in many ways (including the colour..!) but as the guys have said it really smells good! It kind of glows like an aura and can be applied quite heavily without being overpowering or cloying. I always think of it as a fresh smelling fragrance (some compare it to Irish Spring Soap) but I also get the weird 'cigarette butt / filter' note which many have commented on - it's not the linear scent it fisrt appears to be. One thing is for sure though, it's bloody strong and lasts pretty much forever, especially on clothing. I don't agree with the reviews which say it smells like Drakkar, Quorum or Grey Flannel. This must be a different fragrance to my Sung Homme...! shamu's review pretty much nails it for me (unsurprisingly!)
  6. Slayerized
    I own Irisch Moos (edt and aftershave) of which it's said it really smells like Irish spring soap..............(really love Irisch Moos by the way!)
    Is there anyone who perhaps knows if Irisch Moos smells a little like Sung Homme? For all I know the edt of Irisch Moos is incredibly strong in the opening! ('green' powerhouse!)
  7. Derbyman
    I've never smelled Irisch Moos but would love to - it sounds fab!
  8. Slayerized
    here my Basenotes review of it:

    This green fragrance is what you call 'a good bang for the buck' as it's very cheap if you buy it at the right places (mainly in German drugstores)!
    It's called a cedar chypre which is green, spicy, fresh, mossy and elegant at the same time!
    I own the edt and aftershave and both are strong thought the edt is at least 3x stronger even than the aftershave. Perfect for layering of course. It's a perfect outdoors frag for spring or fall days and is has huge projection the first hour after application. The notes of pine and coriander really stand out and make this frag really green and spicy. After that it gets more closer to the skin and the more elegant side comes out as the scent turns into something more smooth. It is still very noticable though as it has a solid base of oakmoss. It lasts therefor at least a good 6 hours and sillage is average afer the strong opening. Recommended stuff if you like your chypre strong, green and masculine! Thumbs up! Rated: 8/10

    11th September, 2012.
  9. Derbyman
    I'm pretty tempted - great review Slayerized! There's an online seller in the UK called Connaught Shaving who sell the EDT for 14.40/50ml:

    This sounds pretty reasonable to me! I'll maybe wait till I get paid again and see if I can persuade myself to buy it!!!!!
  10. Slayerized
    That's exactly my bottle and package (also 50ml) for €15 in Belgium.
    The aftershave I bought in Germany where it was €9.99 for 150ml but in another shop there it was €22.99.........quite a difference!
    You don't need much of the edt as it's very potent!
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