Sung Homme

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  1. Slayerized
    Very good frag!
    I know Irisch Moos is as this one compared to Irisch Spring soap but these two smell nothing alike to me.

    Sung is way smoother, less green and less strong in sillage compared to Irisch Moos. Sung also does not remind me of cigarette butts whatsoever nor Quorum. It reminds me the most as having some similarities to current Oscar de la Renta pour lui but more soapy and less strong.
    I am glad it is, for me, an original scent. Inoffensive, good smelling (not dated at all), good longevity, gentle as it's no room cleaner for me in sillage and usable all seasons. I can, so to speak, imagine people not considering this a masterpiece but I can't people considering this as a bad smelling frag! A real winner for me, especially looking at quality to price!
  2. Derbyman
    Glad you like it! Try smelling a cigarette butt/filter tip - preferably one that hasn't just been smoked - and I'm sure you'll get the connection with Sung Homme. It's not a 'smoky' thing, more a chemical type smell.
  3. Slayerized
    I know, lol, I smoked for years!
  4. PerfumeCollector
    I knew you'll like it and to me it is a masterpiece.
    I do not get the cigarette butt note either and I smoked 3 packs a day for over 40 years (Camel no filter/Lucky Strike no filter/Philip Morris no filter) Glad I do not do that shit anymore.
    But going back to the perfume, to me is like a stroll in a pine/fir/juniper forest next to a flower garden, drinking a lemonade wearing a leather jacket.
    WOW, sometimes I let my imagination soar LOL
  5. Slayerized
    Very nice description Collector!
  6. CMcG
    I joined this group just so I could comment on this thread

    Sung Homme is most definitely a powerhouse! I wear it quite frequently and find that about 2 sprays is enough... one day I wore 3 and my dad warned me that it might be harmful to the health of any elderly folks around me

    A lot of people comment on how synthetic it is and I would like to qualify this. It isn't synthetic in the same way as pleather just isn't as good as leather. It is more like pharmaceuticals that do things nature can't compare to. This is synthetic done right.

    I don't find a lot of note separation with Sung Homme, so I get more blended impressions from it. It starts out really fresh in a piney, soapy kind of way, but also has a rich, spicy punch. As the freshness starts to fade, the spices meet up with some woods, and eventually ends up very warm and full in the basenotes. That journey from fresh/spicy through spicy/woody lasts at least 12-14 hours and even the woody basenotes still have some sillage for another few hours after that, before fading to a skin scent!

    As for the cigarette filter note that some people get... I'm not sure that I follow. Somewhere in that pungent purple cloud there is something that smells a bit like tar from smoked tobacco. This note is a bit dirty and gives Sung Homme some grit to balance all that synthetic, Irish mist, breeze. I'd say it is more like the resin from a freshly smoked luxury cigarette that would be in the filter, rather than the filter itself.
  7. Slayerized
    I agree on all except the longevity part as the projection is pretty close on my skin after 4 hrs and lingers on for some more hrs .
    12-14 hrs? Not for me, but maybe the frag has to open up more on force or bottle has to breath a little. Both happened before. Nevertheless a spendid frag!
  8. Oldspice
    My opinion of Sung Homme has changed. It doesn't happen that often but I must've got a bad bottle the first time I tried it. I remember it smelled horribly chemical and like burning plastic. I just tried another bottle and it's quite nice. The term 'soapy' gets thrown around a lot describing fragrances but this one actually is soapy. Synthetic maybe but enjoyable. After the soapy top finally dies down a classic powerhouse type base is revealed.

    Longevity seems to vary a bit for me. One day I got a solid 10-12 hours with 2-3 sprays. Other days are more like 6 hours but no complaints here.
  9. Slayerized
    Key with this stuff (at least to me) is not applying too much as it can get very cloying!
    2-3 sprays the most indeed and it works perfect!
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